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At the opera there are always projects running for children and young people to get involved in. We believe in the arts, both as a valuable extracurricular activity and as a foundational element for a healthy democracy. Our goal is that no child in our region should finish their school years without having had a chance to meet us the Göteborg Opera.


Skapa – our department which means “create” in Swedish – works with everything to do with children, adolescents, and families, by using methods of co-creation and participation. We coordinate different choirs and participation projects for all ages, as well as for school classes. Below are some examples:

Youth Biennale

The Youth Biennale (Ungdomsbiennalen) is a co-production with Göteborgs Kulturskola, which began at a school in the Gothenburg suburb of Angered, where school students and staff from the Göteborg Opera meet for artistic projects.

Opera at school

Opera at school (Operan i skolan) is a travelling project which, by visiting pupils at their schools, aims to encourage curiosity for our artistic branches: opera, contemporary dance, musicals, and orchestral concerts.

Skapadagar open-days

Skapadagar are open-days which recur several times per year, filled with singing, music, dance, art, and theatre – all involving participation and experience.

Performances for everyone

Relaxed performances are a type of performance particularly adapted for those who prefer a less structured, more relaxed sensory atmosphere than other performances offer.

A new children’s opera

Sandvargen (The Sand Wolf) is a multi-award-winning and August-prize nominated trilogy by Åsa Lind. The books are being transformed into an imaginative children’s opera with humour, warmth, and respect – with space for both the commonplace and the existential. As part of the Sandvargen project, we have begun in a close collaboration with Save the Children, Västra Götaland.

We are continually working at broadening and deepening our mission as cultural representatives in the region. We are an opera house for everyone – but there are groups which have rarely had the opportunity to learn what it is we do. Our collaboration with Save the Children means that more people can gain access to the arts and have the possibility to participate in, and to influence our activities.

New circus skills for children

We work together with Cirkus Unik, an organisation that uses a clear methodology to encourage and strengthen kids’ self-confidence and integration in the city. The project is a learning exchange between children who train new circus arts and dancers from GöteborgsOperans Danskompani.