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Our environmental work is seen in both large and small ways: from the paints and dyes we choose for our workshops, to motion-sensing light switches and solar-cells on our roof. We’re always searching for new areas where our impact can be further minimised.

Ring Cycle recycling

We carried out PR-campaigns in connection to the performances of Wagner’s Ring Cycle (Der Ring des Nibelungen) which played during 2018–2021. The PR-campaigns aimed to raise awareness and engagement to minimise climate change, since these productions aimed to be as climate neutral as possible.

Thanks to the campaigns, we collected 1200 old mobile phones from our audience for proper recycling, started a “climate challenge” where over 700 participants promised on average to reduce their carbon footprint by 29 percent, equal to a reduction of 1 229 tonnes of CO2 or driving 6 500 000 km in a petrol-fuelled car.

Sustainable performing arts – thanks to the commitment of business, organisations, and staff

For the Ring Cycle, we wanted to make the production as “green” as possible, and to learn how to improve and increase the habit of making sustainable choices within the artistic process. This project involved several working groups in the house, and many staff worked hard to find new materials and work processes. We also came into contact with organisations and companies that generously contributed their resources, time and expertise.

This project attracted great interest, and we have already shared the knowledge we gathered amongst local, regional and international networks, such as Opera Europa and EUNIC, a conference for European cultural institutions.


We would like to thank the following individuals and groups for so generously sharing their knowledge and resources in this long-running project to stage the Ring Cycle:

Edvard Hamilton - Biokol.se; Michelle Cleary at SLU Alnarp; Mateusz Liziniewicz at Skogforsk; Sebastian Thisted, Anders Riddeström and Thomas Lindström at Naturskyddsföreningen; Anders Breitholtz at Materialbiblioteket i Skövde; Naim Josefi; Rise; Jernkontoret; Svenskt stål; Swerera; Smart Textiles; Re:newcell; Elisabeth Palmers stiftelse; Södra Cell; VGR:s BioLyftet; Emmaus; Myrorna; Trampverkstan.

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Photographer:  Tilo Stengel

Charity auction

For the musical Hair (2016) we donated the artwork created for the production to organisations in the Västra Götaland region that work with integration projects, and with improving the situation of adolescents who feel excluded or vulnerable. The artworks were auctioned off by Göteborgs auktionsverk and all of the money generated was donated to 5 of these organisations who were selected in an open process.

Gouge paints artworks to be auctioned off

Photos by Mats Bäcker