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Jimmy Andersson


Jimmy Andersson grew up in Hölllviken, where he began to train in gymnastics. He has achieved considerable success in team competitions in the sport, including five gold medals at the Swedish national Championships, bronze at the Nordic Championships and bronze at the European Championships. Jimmy also represented Sweden individually at the 1998 European Championships in Russia. Jimmy continues to develop his skills in the circus arts at the Zin-Lith Circus School and the Cirkus Cirkör School. Since 2004, Jimmy has been performing in an ariel duo with his wife Anna Nettrelid. The couple’s two children have also taken up acrobatics and the family participated in the talent show Talang on TV 4, where their breathtaking performance earned a golden ticket direct to the final. 

Kärlek skonar ingen (Love Spares No One) is Jimmy’s first appearance at The Göteborg Opera.