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Viola substitutes

The Göteborg Opera is looking for a pool of viola substitutes for the orchestra.

Audition Friday, 10 December 2021
Deadline for application 26 November 2021

More info and application

Audition for GöteborgsOperans Danskompani 2022/2023

GöteborgsOperans Danskompani is seeking highly-skilled dance artists, with experience in improvisation and theatricality.

Audition 19-20 February 2022
Deadline for application 5 December 2021

More info and application

Assistant conductor

The Göteborg Opera is now looking for a conductor in the beginning of their career for a time-limited employment as assistant conductor.

Deadline for application 27 December 2021

More info and application


No open positions that interest you?

Are you interested in working behind the scenes in production, management, administration, the foyer or the restaurant? If so, you can send us an application and register your CV with us at any time, by using our online recruting tool Varbi which you can reach using this link:

Register an open application using Varbi here

If you would like to work as an artist on stage with opera, contemporary dance, musicals or in the orchestra, please send an email to personal@opera.se

About the Göteborg Opera

Our vision is to be one of northern Europe’s leading opera houses. We work with a broad repertoire of opera, contemporary dance, musicals and concerts. GöteborgsOperan AB is a state-owned company in the Västra Götaland regionen, with around 500 employees. The Main Stage and Small Stage combined present around 350 performances per year, for around 250 000 visitors. Our turnover is around 500 million SEK annually. The Göteborg Opera is a multicultural workplace, with an almost equal number of male and female employees.

A stage hand works clearning the stage - photo taken from a low angle up towards the stage lights in the roof.

In photo:  Michael Mennell|Photographer:  Mats Bäcker