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Everyone under the same sun, Restad Gård

GöteborgsOperans Danskompani is in collaboration with the dance group ”Alla under samma sol” (Everyone under the same sun), where children from 3–16 years old can dance several times per week, at the asylum centre Restad Gård and in central Vänersborg.

Children sit in the auditorium with their group leader, ready to watch a performance.

Dance teacher Olga Gnida and the organisation Support Group Network in Vänersborg are coordinate this project. The children who take part in the dance group are both newly arrived asylum-seekers and Swedish citizens.

Dancers Joseba Yerro Izaguirre and Einar Nikkerud, and Skapa dance coordinator Anna Karlander have visited the group in Vänersborg several times, and the children have visited us here at the Göteborg Opera. Their focus is on contact and exchange of ideas and inspiration between people from different cultures and generations, which is assisted by the many different forms that dance can take.