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Our representatives mean the world to us. They love the stage as much as we do, and thanks to their passion, more and more people get the chance to discover the enchanting world of the performing arts.

Our representatives distribute information in their networks and amongst friends – giving them that extra little push to make sure that their plans to visit the Opera house become a reality. Representatives can reach people who otherwise we might never get in contact with.

How do I become a representative?

Becoming a representative for the Göteborg Opera is simple. You’ll receive information about our performances and all the material you’d need to spark curiosity of your colleagues, friends and loved ones. You’ll also get information about activities you can do in connection with attending a performance, such as guided tours, introductions and restaurant visits.


For more information about becoming a representative, contact our box office on tel. 031–13 13 00, or send an email to gruppbiljetter@opera.se

Tips for representatives

1. Use your network

There are likely people in your network of friends and acquaintances who are interested in culture and what we do here at the Göteborg Opera.

Besides talking with your family and friends, you can also talk with neighbours, colleagues, fellow members of sports clubs or other organisations, people you meet at educational courses and your local congregation.

2. Inform

Talking face to face is of course the most pleasant, but it’s not always possible of course. Besides phoning to chat or sending email, you can also use channels like:

  • Information sheets/newsletters in your local clubs and societies

  • Close-circuit TV or intranets at your place of work

  • Facebook

  • Your local organisation’s website

3. Assist

Writing about and linking to all of our upcoming performances on websites and intranets are a great way of communicating what we have going on.

But you can also make specific emails for certain customers, where you select a performance which you think will suit them specifically – if you know them well enough to do so.

We can help select our most accessible productions for the first-timers in your network.

When you get responses from people in your network, it is great if you are able to assist them with things like:

  • help to make single bookings to the production they are interested in

  • help them to find a good place to sit in the auditorium

  • inform them about ticket exchange and cancellation

  • inform them about different seat price categories, and help them to choose what will suit them best

4. Information about what’s on

Here are some tips for how you can learn more information about current and upcoming productions, which can help when you’re informing your network about what they can see.