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GöteborgsOperans Danskompani’s Pop-Up Festival, 13–19 May

Get ready for the Göteborg Opera’s Dance Festival on 20–22 May.

GöteborgsOperans Danskompani will give a number of shorter and longer performances in Gothenburg. Come and experience dance at close range in unexpected venues! The dancers in GöteborgsOperans Danskompani have created various pop-up concepts.

Free entry, no reservation needed. Places are limited at certain events.

See you there!


13 May 

Bio Roy
5.00 – approx. 7.45pm, incl. interval with mingle

Seven short dance films created in 2020-2022. Some of them are commissioned by GöteborgsOperans Danskompani, some are independently created and filmed by dancers in the company. Limited places available.

5 Short Pandemic Films. By Alexander Ekman Premiere!
Five scenes that mirror different mindsets and interactions: Slow Paintings, Love, Pandemic Mood, Covered Freedom, Pandemic Clinic.

What actually occurred? By Hiroki Ichinose
She ________________________
____________. ________fell ____
____________________. _______
______________with_____, _____
_____ nothing. ________________
__________sounds of __________
______and ___________________
___. _______of _______________
_______________. In the end ___
______, _____________________
__________.She is losing it.

She is a little lost.

Maxime. By Sabine Groenendijk
A film about grieving and letting go.

Interval with mingle, drinks and music

Remain. By Endre Schumicky
Remain is a contemporary dance film unravelled in a raw theatre setting. The film features one dancer and his restless search for inner peace.

Grief does not distinguish between people to person. It surrounds us after the event occurred and sits with us silently. It is us who respond differently to its presence. And what to do, when an aspect of yourself is in the way of clarity? The drama of the mind is the suffering of the body. Experience the darker aspect of yourself to only then be able to meet your complete self. Remain who you are at your very core to find out that you have no form in there, but vibration.

Continuim – the film. By Daniel Kedem, in collaboration with choreographers Paul Blackman and Christine Gouzelis
When the world premiere of the stage production Continuim was postponed in autumn 2020, a short film was created around the dance piece and the nearly abandoned opera house in pandemic times.

Short interval.

Seed 1: Sunrise Dreaming. By Joseba Yerro Izaguirre
A film that collects a few reflections and a practice created a year ago. The beginning of something, hopefully. A moment of time.

Ostra. By Zach Enquist and Austen Browne
The collective mindset of society is a powerful and callous force. By adhering to a social code of conduct, one becomes a bystander in exchange for perceived safety, stripping identity and camouflaging into the many layers of safety. If left unnurtured, the delicate structure can devolve into a sinister and unjust place.

What happens if we unravel our need to conform and choose empathy in the face of hardship

14 May

NK's store front on Östra Hamngatan
12.00–12.30pm & 2.00 – approx. 2.30pm

Pop up concept by Zander Constant, including short excerpt from Here not Here by Maxine Doyle. 
Come and go when you want.

NK, 2nd floor
Three short performances between 2.30–3.30pm

A short excerpt from Contemporary Dance by Hofesh Shechter.

Learn more about Contemporary Dance

Templet, Victoriapassagen
11.30am – approx. 1.30pm

The Weather is Fine
Pop-up concept by Arika Yamada. Come and go when you want.

“Sometimes I come off stage thinking
It couldn’t have gone worse.
And they say, that was the best show yet.
Sometimes I’m on stage and I feel like Michelle Kwan and Michael Jordan put together
I come off stage and they say what happened?
The thing with the weather is that you can’t really get it wrong.
It’s sunny today.
Yes, isn’t it nice?
Oh look it started raining.
Ugh, what a pitty.
Isn’t it?
How the world looks from the inside out
How my world looks to you from the outside in
How I look to you from the outside and how it feels inside
How you look to me from the outside and how you feel on the inside
is a funny thing.”


Templet, Victoriapassagen
2.00pm – approx. 3.00pm

Pop-up concept by Pascal Marty. Come and go when you want.

“The concept of the piece revolves around the way we display ourselves in current societal settings. The way we overexpose and curate our own image creating this new paradox of being available and completely invisible at the same time. How much do I actually allow you to see? But also, how much of myself is allowed to be seen. A road between vulnerability and exposure towards empathy and encounter.” 

Kungsgatan 48A, 1st floor
4.00, 4.40, 5.20pm (Runs for approx. 20 min)

Site-specific piece in an office-space created in four days. Choreographer: Tom Weinberger. Dancers: Benjamin Behrends, Zachary Enquist, Hiroki Ichinose, Rachel McNamee, Riley O’Flynn, Anna Ozerskaia, Frida Dam Seidel, Lee-Yuan Tu. 

Limited places available. Please note that this space has not been adapted for disabled access.

15 May

Templet, Victoriapassagen– Cancelled!
12.00 – approx. 1.00pm


19 May 

Kungsgatan 48A, 1st floor
5.00 – approx 5.30pm & 5.30 – approx. 6.00pm

Pop-up concepts in an office space, by Endre SchumickyDanielle de Vries, Amanda Åkesson & Joseba Yerro Izaguirre.

The unintentional magician, a picnic piece, the MindStronAut, a room piece, a quiet moment, eye to eye, find your exit, an ending piece.

Limited places available. Please note that this space has not been adapted for disabled access.