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Once you have arrived you can talk to our ushers in the foyer. Daniel Olmarker is one of the ushers and is often there to assist you. He is proud of the ushers’ knowledge: “We know what mobility aids are available and how they function. All you need to do is ask,” he says. “Also, we are all trained in CPR. At each performance we always have at least one person present who knows how to use the defibrillator.”

Accessibility database

Find out about accessibility at the Göteborg Opera from the Accessibility Database (Tillgänglighetsdatabasen) ↗

Wheelchair users

Specific seats for wheelchair users are available for places both at the Main Stage and Small Stage. Please book these tickets via our box office by calling tel +46 31 13 13 00. Wheelchair users and accompanying persons pay 50% of the normal ticket price. (Not always available for external events organised by third parties)

Assistants for those with disabilities

Let us know when booking tickets if you are bringing an assistant. We give a 50% discount both to the person with the disability and their assistant. Please book these tickets via our box office by calling tel tel +46 31 13 13 00.

Hearing impaired

A limited number of infrared hearing aids are available to borrow from our theatre attendants. If the production is not performed in Swedish, Swedish subtitles are provided.

The opera performances are generally translated in Swedish and English, shown on screens above the stage.

Visually impared

Some performances also feature interpretation for the blind. Get in touch with us and we’ll tell you about current events and productions.


The information sign by the OperaShop gives you an overview of the foyer and shows where the restaurant, café, cloakroom and toilets are located.


In the foyer there is a defibrillator and staff trained to use it if the need arises.

Food allergies and intolerance

Before you order your food and drinks, please speak to a member of our staff if you have a food allergy or intolerance.