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En mamma hukar bredvid sitt unga barn. Barnet står och håller i en glödande klot som ser ut som månen. Båda tittar på klotet.

Skapa: for kids, youth, and the curious!

Are you curious about opera, dance or musicals? Would you rather experience or participate on your own, or work with a school class as a teacher? The Göteborg Opera’s Skapa department works to help more people – particularly children and youth – to discover, get involved in and learn to love the magic of the performing arts.

We work with Skapa

Wolfgang Veith

Manager, Skapa


Hanna Brehmer

Musical artist and project coordinator Skapa


Anna Karlander

Coordinator for GöteborgsOperans Danskompani and Skapa Dance


Ida Rosén Hamrå

Musical director for Children’s and Youth Choirs


David Oest

Theater pedagogue