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“The orchestra is very flexible,” says Andreas Lönnqvist, Head of Orchestra at the Göteborg Opera. “The opera house has a broad repertoire and we play everything from baroque opera to musicals. The musicians have a good command of many different styles and adapt their way of playing to what is happening on stage.”

About two weeks before the premiere the musicians move from their rehearsal rooms and begin to rehearse in the orchestra pit together with the rest of the ensemble. The number of musicians in the orchestra pit varies.

“If it’s a great romantic opera, by Strauss for example, then all of us are in the orchestra pit. At other times there might only be about thirty of us. It depends altogether on what kind of performance it is,” says Andreas Lönnqvist.

The Göteborg Opera Orchestra gives concerts of its own on the Main Stage and also on tour. Some of the musicians are also active as chamber musicians and also play in the opera’s foyer concerts.

See the list of upcoming performances to read more about what the orchestra have planned for the season.

Violin I

David Bergström

First concertmaster (on leave)

Øyvor Volle

First concertmaster

Dieter Schöning

First associate concertmaster

Anna Wirdefeldt

First associate concertmaster

Lars Kvensler

Violin I (on leave)

Max David Wulfson

Violin I (on leave)

Violin II

Yuki Tashiro

Principal, Violin II (on leave)

Alexander Chojecki

Principal, Violin II (on leave)

Mattias Johansson

Co-principal, Violin II

Ronnie Sjökvist

Co-principal, Violin II

Karin Berggren

Violin II (on leave)

Helga Hencz

Violin II

Pin Ju

Violin II


Emil Jonasson

Principal, Viola

Franziska Wenzel

Principal, Viola

Johanna Fridolfsson

Co-principal, Viola

Magnus Pehrsson

Co-principal, Viola


Double bass

Johan Ekenberg

Principal, Double bass

Thomas Allin

Co-principal, Double bass

Frida Grinne

Co-principal, Double bass

Mats Larsson

Double bass


Fauna Buvat

Principal, flute

Gunnar Vallin

Co-principal, Flute

Sabine Daniels

Flute/ Principal, Piccolo


Jonas Albrektson

Principal, Oboe

Geoffrey Cox

Co-principal, Oboe


English horn


Helena N Panofsky

Principal, Clarinet




Sebastian Wagner

Principal, Bassoon

Gabriel Litsgård

Co-principal, Bassoon


Johan Åkervall

Principal, Trumpet

Ulrika Dahlberg-Danielsson

Co-principal, Trumpet

Joaquin Eustachio

Co-principal, trumpet




Michele Campo

Co-principal, Trombon






Hans-Christian Green

Principal, Timpani

Johan Bejke

Co-principal, Timpani

Fredrik Duvling

Principal, Percussion

Simon Trabjerg Pedersen

Co-principal, Percussion

Temporary list

Violin I: Ekin Kuzukiran, Idunn Lohne, Beatriz Saglimbeni, Solanch Sosa

Violin II: Jeremija Bundalo, Merlijn De Coorde, Eva Presern, Mimmie Törngren

Clarinet: Rosa Campoy

Horn: José Raúl Tenza Ramirez

Trombone: Johannes Forsberg (co-principal)

Percussion: Michael Andersson, Felix Brodén, Jonas Larsson


Aivis Greters

Principal Guest Conductor

Orchestra management

Service and administration

Anders Buller

Orchetra service

Anders Haglund

Orchestra service

Daniel Leandersson

Orchestra service