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Venue information

The Opera house is a large building with several floors which contain food and drink service, cloakrooms, toilets and more. Read this page for more information, and don't forget, our staff are on hand to help you with any questions you may have.



Cloakrooms can be found on the ground floor as well as on all floors. Choose the wardrobe that is nearest to the section you are sitting in to avoid long queues. 


Toilets can also be found on all floors. There are often much shorter queues to bathrooms on higher floors than the ground floor. Please use these if your are able, to reduce queueing on the ground floor.


You can buy performance programmes in the box office, Opera shop or cloakrooms. Learn more about our programmes here.

Restaurant, bar, and cafe

The Opera’s restaurant is at the opposite end of the foyer from the main entrance. Just continue around the curve of the high windows past the cafe and you will see it.

The cafe is in the middle of the foyer. During the intermission you can also buy from a selection of the cafe menu at each of the cloakrooms.

The Opera bar is two floors up, directly above the main entrance.

Learn more about our food and drink selection, and how to pre-order.


In the foyer

How to find your way, and what to do when you arrive.

What time should I arrive?

What should I wear?

When is the box office open?

What payment methods do you accept?

Do I need to have a printed ticket, or may I show the ticket on my mobile device?

Where are the toilets and wardrobe?

May I take photos or video?

Is it OK to leave my mobile on silent mode?

What happens if I arrive late?

How long is the intermission between acts?

Where can I pick up a copy of the season programme?

Are there extra cushions available for children?

I have a hearing impairment. Do you have anything to assist me?

Can you help me with my wheelchair?

How may I leave flowers for on-stage performers?