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Season 2024/2025

Creative excellence

The 2024/2025 dance season will be a virtuoso experience, rich in creative excellence. We turn the spotlight on strong female voices, with exquisite world premieres and revivals of acclaimed works, both by experienced, world-renowned choreographers and newly risen stars. There are numerous ways to experience our art form, and we offer something for all ages. I am excited to be sharing all this with you.

In 2024, both the Göteborg Opera and the Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival celebrate their 30th anniversary. We open the season with an anniversary collaboration between our dance company and the Dance and Theatre Festival: Atlas Song, an exciting work that combines Imre and Marne van Opstal’s urgency and raw physicality with music by Gothenburg artist Anna von Hausswolff, who performs live on stage with the dancers and her musicians.

Sharon Eyal returns to craft a new piece together with our exceptional dancers. We are proud of our longstanding collaboration with Sharon. She is a force of nature who is constantly reaching new heights. The combination between Sharon and our dancers is pure magic. The same dance evening offers up a revival of Kenneth Kvarnström’s audience hit 12 Songs, with GöteborgsOperans Danskompani, performing artist Ane Brun, guest musicians and the Göteborg Opera Orchestra.

We also welcome back another audience hit: Alexander Ekman’s powerful and highly relevant Hammer. Yoann Bourgeois’s heartfelt work We loved each other so much is also revived, alongside Crystal Pite’s strikingly beautiful Solo Echo.

The legendary Crystal Pite, one of the most influential choreographers of our time, ushers in the spring with an updated version of Frontier with 24 dancers. Created in 2008, this piece explores dark matter and the borderline between awareness and unawareness. Frontier is combined with a world premiere by Bobbi Jene Smith and Or Schraiber, whose poetry of bodies becomes moving stories of humanity. The music is performed live by the Göteborg Opera Orchestra.

During the Göteborg Opera Dance Festival in May, the opera house will be filled with inspiring movement in celebration of dance and our audiences. A bustling meeting place for dance and music experiences where you can watch, listen, socialise, participate and discover. The festival offers up guest performances of the highest level, long-awaited revivals and a world premiere for young audiences by Mari Carrasco.

We want to open our doors wide to reach as many people as possible, present new concepts, explore unknown territories and continue developing the art form of contemporary dance. We strive to make the impossible possible and create memorable experiences for everyone. We offer participatory workshops and interaction between our dancers and children, young people, parents and everyone who is curious about dance. Throughout the season, we will continue to tour internationally – a vital part of our DNA. We are thrilled and thankful to meet audiences worldwide and gain inspiration which we bring home to you.

We warmly welcome you to share and celebrate the season with us!

Katrín Hall
Artistic Director Dance

Katrín Hall