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Third-party web services

The Göteborg Opera’s websites opera.se and gofilm.se use third-party services in order to sell tickets, analyse traffic, present video and sound files, accept user responses via forms and send newsletters. These services have their own cookies and analytics tools connected to them. Below is a short summary of each service as well as a link to their privacy policies.

Civic UK

Civik UK’s Cookie Control script is used on opera.se and gofilm.se so that users can manage their cookie choices and consent.

Civic UK's privacy policy

Head office: Scotland


Insight One and Brain Nordic’s Strategic Audience Map-script Samhub is used on opera.se to be able to effectivise and improve our marketing and communication within Sweden.

Insight One's approach to data security

Head offices: Sweden


Markethype is used to send email messages such as newsletters and other information related to visits to attend an event, and is integrated with ou ticketing system Tixly (see below) in order for us to be able to analyse customer data. In order to keep a correct, updated register Markethype uses a partner for automatic updating of personal data, based on public Swedish registers.

Markethype’s approach to data security

Head office: Sweden

Matomo Cloud

Matomo (previously Piwik) is used to analyse traffic to opera.se, in order to follow up marketing activities and determine how to prioritise development of the website according to our visitors’ needs.

Matomo Cloud’s privacy policy

Head office: New Zealand, with EU-representative in Germany


Soundcloud is used to embed sound files on opera.se, primarily our recorded panel discussions.

Soundcloud’s privacy policy

On Soundcloud’s cookie policy page you can manage your cookie preferences for the Soundcloud widget, using the Consent Manager link.

Head office: Germany


Tixly is the Göteborg Opera’s ticketing system. When you click on a button to buy tickets, you are taken to the URL (web address) biljett.opera.se where the purchasing flow and payment process is handled by Tixly.

Tixly’s privacy policy

Head office: Iceland


Typeform is used to display forms and accept the data which is entered into these forms. You can manage your choices using the dialog box at the bottom left of each form.

Typeform’s policies and terms

Head office: Spain


Vimeo is used to display video material on opera.se and gofilm.se – such as trailers, interviews, recorded performances etc. Vimeo is certified under the EU-US Data Privacy Framework

Vimeo’s privacy policy
Vimeo's cookie policy

Head office: USA, with EU-representative in Germany

Page updated: 2024-02-16