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One on One II: The Meeting

1 dancer. 1 spectator. An unforgettable one-on-one meeting.

  • Length

    Approx. 15 minutes per video

  • When

    26 Nov — 29 Dec 2021

  • Where


  • Genre


  • Language

    Subtitled in Swedish and English

  • Price

    Free to watch

  • Accessibility

Watch One on one II here

During the pandemic in spring 2021, 31 people were given a unique encounter on the Göteborg Opera’s Small Stage.

Each of the dancers in GöteborgsOperans Danskompani had prepared a creation meant to be performed just once, for one person. The results were shown in a series of short films on our streaming site gofilm.se.

Now dancer and spectator meet again to talk about their shared experience.

Experience these encounters on gofilm.se.

Episode 2

Sabine & Flavia

A conversation arises about time and farewells when Sabine Groenendijk and Flavia Messina meet again.

“We shared time with each other. That is why the performance came to life. ” — Flavia

“There are two ways to pass time. Either you see yourself as a still point and time passes through you. Or you see time as a still point and you pass time.” — Sabine

Valērija & Pär

Valērija Kuzmiča and Pär Berggren marvel at the wordless communication that arose between them. Even though he was sitting on a chair and she was moving, both were involved in the piece.

“Had we had this conversation right after the performance, I would not have been able to speak. Now, when a few months have passed, I can express what I experienced. ” Pär Berggren

“Your presence changed the performance. The way you moved, looked at me, your expression. " Valērija Kuzmiča

Watch episode 2 here

Episode 1

Hiroki & Tomás

When Hiroki and Tomás meet again, they resume the movements where they left off.

"It felt like we hugged, but we never did." Hiroki

"It was as if we got to know each other through movement." Tomás

Einar & Richard

Between Einar and Richard, a long-awaited conversation arises about the experience, but also about love and prejudice.

"I regret I never said anything to you afterwards." Richard

Teaser, episode 1

One on One 2021

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