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En dansare lutar sig mot en stol upp-och-ner vänt med huvud mot golvet, i rampljus under en åskådare tittar på.

One on One

1 dancer. 1 spectator. An unforgettable one-on-one meeting.

  • When

    19 Mar — 02 Jul 2021

  • Where

    Streamed performances, gofilm.se

  • Genre


  • Language

    Subtitles in Swedish

  • Price

    Free to watch

  • Accessibility

Our dancers are longing to perform for audiences. But one year ago, the auditorium was closed, and the stage lighting was switched off. That’s why GöteborgsOperans Danskompani has decided to offer dance performances involving the smallest possible number of people: one dancer and one audience member, alone in a room and a safe distance apart.

In late winter and early spring, 31 people will have a unique encounter on the Small Stage. Each of the dancers has prepared a choreography or performance that will be performed just once, for one person. Neither the dancer nor the audience member knows in advance who they will meet.

These 31 encounters will be filmed, and soon the result will be released in a number of short videos. The videos will be published on a rolling basis during spring 2021.

Earlier episodes

Episode 1, 19 March

Zachary Enquist embodies our longing for touch. Benjamin Behrends writes the audience’s emotion with his body. Micol Mantini’s Italian poetry and movement become an emotional experience. Anna Ozerskaia brings out a smile, despite of us all being stuck in unpredictability.

Episode 3, 14 May

Riley O’Flynn incorporates the insecurity many of us feel. Rachel McNamee challenges us in her emotional expressions and asks us where our limits are. Waldean Nelson tells us about the year of silence and Hiroki Ichinose embodies our common hope, our never-ending belief in a brighter future. Therese Fredriksson follows the music and her imagination, letting a paintbrush produce her movements.

Episode 4, 28 May

Sabine Groenendijk embodies the most important thing we can give each other - our time. Tsung-Hsien Chen lets his hands be his only company in a closed room. Jesse Bechard shows how a space changes when stories meet. In Dan Langeborg’s film, time almost stops when the movements take place. Emilie Leriche's dance tells something about how something are connected and have a meaning, while others are completely elusive.

Episode 5

Frida Dam Seidel raises questions about vulnerability and how to dare showing our innermost thoughts and feelings. Duncan C Schultz wonders what arises from a meeting, from the space, between two people. Fan Luo assumes classic poses and dives into the set table Janine Koertge's piece is meditative, suggestive and stripped down in associative movements to improvised piano. Einar Nikkerud embodies memories of a first love and a trip into the wild.


Episode 6, 11–25 June

Ingeborg Zackariassen: From every moment, a new is born. From every impuls, a new arises. But in the meeting, there is only that. Christoph von Riedemann's story is about the flowing water that changes, builds up, throws itself out, and erodes. In Amanda Åkesson’s, restlessness and frustration get their movements in a hectic pursuit of silence and presence. Maxime Lachaume dances his last dance with GöteborgsOperans Danskompani, touching, and with confidence and curiosity.

Episode 7, 18 June – 1 July

Valērija Kuzmiča embodies questions like how snowflakes are formed, how a day begins. How do we know who we are? And if we have ever taken the first step toward forgiveness. Out of an organic movement, Etay Axelroad lets a human emerge, in its undressed vulnerability. With power and will as companions. Erik Johansson lets the associations flow, the floor vibrates when he creates experiences from the air. Angelina Allen de Melo shows how much our hands and feet can tell us. But we hide our feet in shoes and lose touch with the earth. And our hands are constantly busy. But what if our bodies are a map of our inner landscapes?

This is the seventh and last episode for season 2020/2021.