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Om en tiger kommer fram (If a tiger creeps up)

A concert about love, with the Gothenburg Opera Children's Choir.

In May 2023, the Gothenburg Opera's Children's Choir gave a concert on the Small Stage with newly written music based on preschool children's thoughts about love. The Gothenburg Opera had asked children at three preschools in the city to describe love. One of the answers was "Love feels like a tiger creeping up", which gave the name to the concert. In addition to the five newly written songs, the concert also included other love songs, and the audience was invited to sing along.

A total of around 200 children got to listen and join in with movements at one of the three concerts that were given on the Small Stage in Gothenburg and at Skövde Kulturhus.

I mitten av två världar (In between two worlds)

Performance with Gothenburg Opera’s Youth Choir and Kulturskolan Hisingen.  

During Skapadagar in the spring of 2023, In the middle of two worlds was performed on the Small Stage. It was a performance about exclusion, group-belonging and impossible love, by the Gothenburg Opera's Youth Choir and a musical group from the Hisingen Cultural School. Together, the young people explored how music can express longing and innermost dreams. The performance consisted of music from famous operas and musicals. The orchestra Blown Away from the Kulturskolan and a trio from the Gothenburg Opera Orchestra also took part on stage.

Seventy young people from Gothenburg Opera's Youth Choirs and Culture School Gothenburg filled the Small Stage with a musical and dramatic performance with music from famous operas and musicals. The energy was bubbling both from the stage and in the audience!

The Year 2 Choir (Tvåornas kör)

Hundreds of 8- and 9-year-olds on the Main Stage.

During seasons 2021/2022 and 2022/2023, Tvåornas kör was performed at the Gothenburg Opera. The first time with an accompaniment band of cultural school teachers, the second time together with the Gothenburg Opera Orchestra.

During the school year, students in year 2 had practiced and sung in their classrooms under the guidance of pedagogues from Kulturskolan Göteborg. At the end of the spring semester, hundreds of children from different parts of the city got to meet on Gothenburg's biggest stage, and share the joy of music and dance together with professional musicians and a large audience.

During three fantastic choral concerts, around 650 children took their seats on the Main Stage together with the Gothenburg Opera Orchestra and the Culture School Gothenburg. The children's singing joy and the audience's cheers knew no bounds.

Experience …

Workshops for opera and dance.

The Göteborg Opera has conducted exploratory workshops where curious young people between the ages of 13 and 25 can try out and explore opera or dance – where a theater pedagogue and opera singer, or dance coordinator and dancer, are involved – as well as members from Gothenburg Opera's young ambassadors. Participants in each workshop are offered the opportunity to see an opera or dance performance on the Main Stage.

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