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Opera in schools

“Opera in schools” is the title we use for all of our work with schools. On this page you’ll find examples of how you as a teacher can work with us. You are more than welcome to contact our theatre pedagogue with questions about other collaborations and solutions.

Follow a production

Do you and your class want to follow a production in detail? In three sessions, you and your class can follow a current production. First you will be visited by our theater pedagogue for a 1 hour workshop in the classroom. At the next session, you will come to us at the Gothenburg Opera for a tour – where, if possible, we will peek into a rehearsal – and perhaps follow-up with a workshop on what the show is about. On the third session, we go to see the show together.

Follow a production can vary per production depending on which times are suitable and what is happening on stage. If you are interested to learn more, contact our theater pedagogue David at david.oest@opera.se and he will be happy to talk with you.

Please note that the number of classes is limited and we conduct out only one 3-session class per production. The price is SEK 150 per student.

Talk about dance/musical/opera – talk about life

This course is aimed at educators. Seeing a stage performance is a good basis for talking about life in general. Based on our three genres – opera, dance and musical – you, together with other educators, get to see a performance and then talk about life based on a special conversation method. We meet on three occasions, one of which is when we see the show, and you must be able to attent all three sessions to participate.

Talk about opera – talk about life is a conversation method developed within the Sensus study association, and which was originally called Talk about film – talk about life. The participants watch a film or a performance and talk based on their own experiences, thoughts and feelings, partly in a group, partly individually without being interrupted. The first opportunity focuses on getting an entry into the conversation based on three keys: a feeling, a person and a scene.


David Oest, theatre pedagogue Skapa Opera/drama

Teachers and performing arts

In this course, teachers get the tools to strengthen their pupils' encounters with  performing arts, both during the experience and in discussions around the performance. Experiencing the arts is a democratic right and is a part of schools’ educational mandate.

”Lärare ser på scenkonst” is organised by Backa Teater in collaboration with the Göteborg Opera and Kulturförvaltningen in Göteborg City Council. The next course will be during the autumn term in 2024.


Anna Karlander, co-ordinator Skapa Dance


David Oest

Theater pedagogue


Anna Karlander

Coordinator for GöteborgsOperans Danskompani and Skapa Dance