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Youth Choirs

Around 70 young people between the ages of 12 and 25 sing in the our Youth Choirs. The Junior Youth choir is for 12–16 year olds, and the Senior Youth Choir is for 16–25 year olds.


If you are interested in joining one of our youth choirs, send us an email at adminUKBK@opera.se. Write your name, age, vocal range and experience, and we will contact you regarding upcoming auditions.

Junior Youth Choir

The Junior Youth Choir usually sings in soprano, alto and bass. Sometimes we perform in our own concerts, and sometimes together with the Senior Youth Choir. We work a lot with stage presence and explore different genres and types of artistic expression. Many of the boys’ voices break while they’re in this choir – you’re welcome to be a part of the choir before, during and after your voice breaks!

The Junior Youth Choir performs Mondays 5.00–6.30pm.

Senior Youth Choir

The Senior Youth Choir dives deeper into the canon of concert singing and what it means to be a stage choir. The choir is divided into soprano, alto, tenor and bass. We work together with both the Children’s and the Junior Youth Choirs. Members of the Senior Youth Choir have earlier choir experience and want to really focus on their singing and stage presence.

The Senior Youth Choir rehearses Mondays 7.00–9.00pm.

Photographer:  Tilo Stengel

Being a part of the choir means that you become part of the Göteborg Opera itself, and get the opportunity to create fantastic performing arts together with your friends. Sometimes you will sing in concerts just for your choir, or sometimes perform and work together with the Göteborg Opera's professional stage chorus, orchestra, soloists, dancers, conductors and directors.

We put a lot of emphasis on stage presence. We also enjoy being involved in the creative process with composers and librettists in creating new pieces.

The Children and Youth choirs are led by Ida Rosén Hamrå, Skapa's musical director.

The Göteborg Opera Children's and Youth Choirs aims are:

  • that all members feel like they meaningfully participate both musically and in stage work.
  • to be aware of both musical quality and stage presence whenever we perform.
  • to introduce both the opera repertoire and other musical styles so that all members get a chance to get to know the potential breadth of the choral repertoire.
  • to give children and young people the chance for both on-stage experience and to sing in a professional context.
  • to work with democratic, societal work to engage and develop the members' capabilities and confidence. We want to encourage all of our choir members to use their voice for more than singing, and show that people can enact change by working together.

All choirs have one rehearsal per week. Beyond this we also conduct weekend rehearsals and extra rehearsals when getting closer to a performance date. It's intense, fun work with a lot of laughter! All of our choirs are mixed, with places for everyone of the relevant age. The choirs also have a Society for the Göteborg Opera Children and Youth Choirs, which is part of the country-wide organisation UngiKör. There are both parents and children on the Society board.

Ida Rosén Hamrå

Musical director for Children’s and Youth Choirs