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“The Göteborg Opera operates within civil society by using creativity, a contemporary outlook, curiosity and openness, in order to provide access to opera, dance, musicals and concerts for all people within Region Västra Götaland. Following this mandate, throughout the entire organisation the Göteborg Opera strives for social, environmental and economic sustainability. This means that all resources must be used wisely and responsibly.” — An excerpt from the Göteborg Opera's sustainability report.

The Göteborg Opera is owned by Region Västra Götaland, whose environmental objectives for 2030 (Miljömål 2030 which include vision, goals, policies, mission statement and budget) form the basis of our sustainability and environmental work. Our environmental goals include the overall goals of Miljömål 2030: to work resource-efficiently without toxins, with low climate impact, and to support ecosystems and promote biodiversity.