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Together with our partners and sponsors we continue to support and develop a rich cultural environment in Gothenburg and Region Västra Götaland, so that we can contribute to the continued development of an attractive, competitive region to live and work in.

Our primary task is to create magnificent artistic experiences: operas, dance programmes, musicals and concerts. And since we have over 250 000 visitors per year, this gives our sponsors unique possibilities to raise the visibility of their brands, by being associated with the opera house's prominent role within the arts.

Our international tours allow us to create new venues for The Göteborg Opera and the region’s business. Let’s develop these opportunities together.

An attractive messenger in a creative environment

Companies that sponsor and collaborate with the Göteborg Opera can do so on four different levels: choose between being a principal sponsor, an opera sponsor, a sponsor, or what we call a ”Take-a-Seat” sponsor. We also can tailor different forms of collaboration between businesses.

“Culture is an attractive platform and as a sponsor one has access to all the resources of the Göteborg Opera in the form of its artistic diversity and premises. It’s a creative, stimulating environment and a fantastic channel through which companies can present themselves and increase visibility”, says Johan.

The market for the Göteborg Opera is reaches further than many other cultural institutions. Its unique mixture of opera, dance and musicals makes the Göteborg Opera a meeting place that also appeals to a younger audience.

Sponsorship benefits

This is what you get as a principal sponsor, an opera sponsor or a general sponsor. The amount of visibility and space provided depends on which level you choose and how the contract has been drawn up.

  • The best exposure to a broad and influential target group with real spending power. The sponsors’ brands are exhibited in our foyer, in the general programme and in other printed material as well as on the Göteborg Opera’s website.
  • Access to a unique meeting place where client activities and special events are tailored to suit your wishes.
  • Opportunities to strengthen client relations through culture, and to network with other companies in the region.
  • Company in-house development and maintenance of HR activities through various special offers and rebates for employees.
  • Invitations to a range of networking activities, such as annual festive evenings and ambassadors’ meetings.
  • Tickets for premieres and advance rights to buy tickets for particularly sought-after performances.
  • Furthermore, you will also be contributing towards long-term ventures that improve competition and the establishment of new businesses in the region.
  • Every year all the sponsors receive an invitation to the Göteborg Opera Gala, where representatives from business, culture and politics gather to mingle, enjoy good food and drink, and experience a specially-composed performance. For principal and opera sponsors, an annual ambassadors’ meeting is also arranged to which company representatives are invited.


  • Two free tickets for four premieres per season.
  • An invitation to the festive evening of the season: a highly memorable occasion for the business sector in the West Swedish region. All the sponsors meet up and enjoy a festive programme in the auditorium and the foyer.
  • Special offers during the season.
  • The best exposure of your company in our foyer, on our website and in our general programme.
  • A Gold Card to our Opera Bar, an exclusive meeting place for sponsors and guests.
  • An invitation to Theme Evenings where you will be invited to inspiring meetings with the masters of the dramatic arts.
  • Birgit Magazine, our quarterly journal with interviews, glimpses from behind the scenes, and documentaries about the cultural and business sectors.
  • A hand-crafted miniature chair
  • Enormous support from the region

“We have support that is quite unique for a cultural institution in this country", says Johan Lind. “At the Göteborg Opera, sponsorship answers for three and a half percent of our revenues. The average in the cultural sector is one percent.”

The explanation for this goes way back. Over 20 years have passed since the idea of building an opera house in Gothenburg was first discussed. Not only the city’s politicians, but also the businesses in the region and the general public took an active part in the debate. Furthermore, many people were also willing to make a financial contribution. A number of companies and more than 6000 private individuals sponsored the project. Many of those who first contributed are still, 20 years later, sponsors of the Göteborg Opera.

Contact us to discuss sponsorship opportunities

Christina Björklund, CEO
Tel +46 31-108 000

Johan Lind, Business and Sponsorship Manager
Tel +46 31-108 028