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Order from the Opera Shop 

Just like our stages, the foyer Opera Shop is currently closed. However, you can order products via email and telephone. Your order will arrive by post. (We ship only within Sweden.) 

Order by sending an email to biljetter@opera.se. You may also order by calling us at 031-13 13 00, weekdays 10:00am – 4:00pm.

Current products

While stocks last.

Der Ring des Nibelungen

Postcards, posters and cloth bags from our prizewinning collaboration with renowned Swedish artist Jesper Waldersten for our production of Wagner’s Ring Cycle 2018–2021.

Poster 199 kr. 70x50 cm.
1 postcard 49 kr each. 15x21 cm.
5 postcards 199 kr. 15x21 cm.

Die Walküre cloth bag

41x38 cm
199 kr

Re-use: Table cloth

Unique textiles made from our outdoor canvas banners which advertise our productions, such as Carmen, Beyond, Madama Butterfly, Vox humana & Juliette, Iconoclasm. Different patterns and measurements. Call us for descriptions.

199 kr


Re-use: Cloth tote-bags

Unique bags made from our outdoor canvas banners which advertise our productions, such as Carmen, Beyond, Madama Butterfly, Vox humana & Juliette, Iconoclasm. Different patterns and measurements. Call us for descriptions.
Approx 50x40 cm
69 kr

Re-use: Cushion covers

From productions such as Dust to dust, S & S, Dansfestival. Different designs. 50x50 cm or 60x60 cm. See below for examples.
259 kr

Reflector, GöteborgsOperans Danskompani

15 kr/each

”Exclusive” tote-bags

With artists from the Göteborg Opera. Choose from opera (man) or dance (woman)
42x37 cm
99 kr

Crossover bag, small.

GöteborgsOperans Danskompani.
21x16 cm
59 kr

Water bottle

33 cl, GöteborgsOperans Danskompani.
59 kr



GöteborgsOperans Danskompani
29 kr


Natural canvas colour with the GöteborgsOperan logo
42x37 cm
39 kr


Notebook, unlined

With images of our singers and musicians.
20x18 cm
59 kr


Glasses case

Boxes, Trees, Mozart, Beethoven, Dance, Water lilies
16x6.5 cm
79 kr each


Cleaning cloth for glasses

Boxes, Mozart, Beethoven, Dance, Water lilies
39 kr each

Soft toys, 25 cm

Hippo, mouse, bear.
149 kr each


Soft toys, 18 cm

Hippo, swan, pig, elephant
99 kr each

While stocks last.

Always in the Opera Shop

CDs & DVDs

The Opera Shop has Gothenburg’s largest collection of classical music on CD and DVD. Well-known operas and symphonies as well as little-known, newly composed or recently rediscovered older works. You’ll find relaxing piano music, chamber concerts, musicals, albums for children and albums with renowned soloists like Jonas Kaufmann, Peter Mattei, Nina Stemme and many more. If you’re searching for a particular title, we can assist in ordering it for you.


Take a deeper dive into the history or theory behind our different art-forms, buy an interesting magazine or a musical score. We have everything from pure non-fiction and reference works to fables and colorng books – all with inspiration taken from the performing arts. Of course you’ll also find our dramaturgist Göran Gademan’s critically acclaimed book Opera History, as well Elisabeth Meyer-Topsøes biography about Birgit Nilsson.

Gift items and homeware

We have items which are both beautiful and useful – such as trays, cups, pill boxes, toilet bags and cloth bags – as a treat for yourself or someone you know. For festive occasions we also have masks, feather boas and more.


In our performance programmes you can read the director’s or chroeographer’s thoughts about the performance you are about to see, let the conductor guide you through the music, get an insight into what goes on behind the scenes, and understand the theme behind the production.

Learn more about our programmes

For children

Dress-up costumes, toy instruments, games, stories, toys and activity books. The Opera Shop has lots of fun things to inspire play, song and music.


The Göteborg Opera’s unique home textile collection includes tablecloths, pillow cases and bags crafted using the fabric from our advertising banners; we have an exclusive series of blown glass, organic wool jacquard blankets and locally-produced honey from our own bees. The collection has been developed with a conscious focus on caring for the environment.

Add a touch of elegance to your home or surprise your nearest and dearest with an unexpected gift.

The products are available exclusively from the Opera Shop in our foyer.

Organic wool blanket, SEK 499

With an offering which spans opera, contemporary dance, musical theatre and concerts, the Göteborg Opera is a dynamic and ever-changing organism. This, and the house’s proximity to water, has inspired the blanket design. Take home some of the Opera’s heartwarming magic, perfect for cool evenings. 190 x 140 cm.

Glassware series ‘Overture’

The Göteborg Opera’s exclusive series of blown glass, inspired by the graceful forms of string instruments, has been created in collaboration with the Skrufs Glasbruk glassworks. The series consists of tea-light holders, champagne glasses and carafes. The colour palette is both soft and warm – limestone greys, honeysuckle pinks and gold with touches of amber. A gift to treasure.

  • Carafe, SEK 499
  • Champagne flute, SEK 349 each
  • Tea-light holder, SEK 249 each


A tote bag from Madama Butterfly, a cushion from Dust to Dust, or a tablecloth from Carmen? Each production at the Göteborg Opera is featured on its own giant banner displayed on the outside of the building – 110 square metres of performing art which our costume studio later transforms into unique collectors’ items.

  • Tote bag: SEK 69
  • Tablecloth: SEK 199
  • Cushion cover: SEK 259


The opera house has been cash-free since 1 January 2020 – you can pay with the the more popular credit cards and Göteborg Opera gift cards.