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Civic duty

The feeling of belonging and participation is essential for an attractive, living city – and a rich cultural offering has a meaningful impact on this. Those who wish to may participate in musical theatre, dance, and artistic creation here at the Göteborg Opera. Whatever your background or age is, whether you’re a new to the arts or a life-long fan.

En uppsättning där två internationella körer, en i Göteborg och en i Aten, framförde låtar samtidigt via video streaming

The Skapa Choir

Skapakör, our community choir is for people who want to sing, act, and make music with people from all walks of life.



Skapa Dans works together with Cirkus Unik and their Lilla kompani (Small Company) with children who are 10–12 years old. Cirkus Unik uses established methods for strengthening self-confidence and integration into the community.


Recreate (Återskapa) is an intensive workshop where adolescents from the whole region sing, dance, act, create, have fun, and meet new friends. Together with professional artists, the group creates a new production which can include music, dance and opera. This new creation is then performed on our Small Stage or other stage in the region in the spring.


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