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Our costume studios and wardrobe staff take care of everything costume-related, from hats to shoes. There are about 40 people that work in the department: seamstresses, tailors, miliners, leatherworkers, dye and patination experts, launderers and dressers. Our studios produce and adjust over 1200 costumes per year. When the costumes are ready, our wardrobe staff take over – handling the logistics with getting the costumes to the right places in the wings, to and from dressing rooms and the laundry. Our launderer makes sure that the costumes are cleaned, always in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Sara Di Benedetto

Manager, Costume and make-up


Sara Martinsson

Group leader, Costume department

Malin Sahlstedt

Group leader Makeup department

Britta Hedberg

Administrator, Costume and makeup

Emma Lindqvist

Technical production manager

Malin Svedestedt

Technical preoduction manager

Shoes and leather

Viktoria Erlandsson

Costume specialist, leather and hides

Malin Jonson

Costume specialist, leather and hides

Karin Johansson

Costume specialist, leather and hides


Tatiana Bjarne

Costume specialist, dyeing and patination

Mia Persson

Costume specialist, dyeing and patination

Sofia Yvell

Costume specialist, dyeing and patination


Therese Schimmelsohn

Costume specialist, hats and jewellery


There are twelve make-up artists in our make-up department, who in the daytime work with production of elements such silicone facial features or full masks, wigs, moustaches, beards, fake tattoos and more. In the evenings they work with applying make-up before performances. All of our make-up artists are trained as wigmakers and make-up designers who help to bring out the characters’ using make-up, in collaboration with the costume designer.

Make-up artists

Lill Dahlgren

Makeup artist

Ilona Andreasson

Makeup artist

Gunilla Bjertin

Makeup artist

Anna Carlberg

Makeup artist

Karin Duell Howard

Makeup artist

Katharina Funke

Makeup artist

Therese Jansson

Makeup artist

Helena Jonsdottir

Makeup artist

Ann Lilja

Makeup artist

Karin Nordling

Makeup artist

Anna Simonson

Makeup artist