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Who are you, under all those filters?

Two young people get into the same lift. She is quiet and reserved. He is glued to his phone. The lift suddenly stops between two floors and they are stuck there together, alone. Gradually they begin to open up and they start talking. About who they are, and how they try to gain acceptance – by their friends and by the world they inhabit.

This new musical called Filter explores young people’s thoughts about identity and self-image in today’s social media-dominated world. It’s about role models and daring to be oneself in a world full of filters.

The first performance will be given for the school students who take part in the process of developing the musical itself. Filter is primarily written for teenagers aged 13 to 18, but will be appreciated by anyone who has ever been young and questioned their own identity.

Filter will be performed at schools in Gothenburg, and subsequently on the Small Stage at the Göteborg Opera.