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Having a best friend is the best thing ever. But friends sometimes fall out. How can they make up again? Viktor is sad and Rakel knows it’s her fault. After much soul-searching, Rakel is advised to seek out the person who always gives the best answers: the Oracle. The road is winding and the journey is long.

How will things go for Rakel? And what will the Oracle’s answer be?

The musical Rakel and the Oracle mixes humour and serious subjects. It’s first run in 2019 was a huge success. Supported by the magic of the theatre and some inventive choreography, the audience joins Rakel and her anxious teddy bear Pentti on a fantastic journey that provides food for thought for people of all ages.

Please note: Rakel and the Oracle is performed in Swedish.

Rakel says hi! (in Swedish)

Images from the performance

In photo:  Hanna Brehmer, Anders Wängdahl, Frida Rolfsdotter Thurfjell|Photographer:  Tilo Stengel

GöteborgsOperan is a part of the Västra Götaland region and thereby follows the current recommendations and guidelines in relation to minimising infection risk from covid-19. This project is carried out according to these recommendations and guidelines which apply at every specific activity. We also take into consideration the wishes of each school.

If restrictions are still in place during the 2021/2022 school year, we will offer Rakel and the Oracle as a video accompanied by a theatre teacher instead of a physical performance in an auditorium. The class may then see the film together with the theatre teacher from the Opera, and following the performance partake in a workshop about friendship, betrayal and understanding, which can be tailored to each the age group and size of each class.