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“The Göteborg Opera’s participatory initiative Skapa (…) has three main focus areas: children and young people, accessibility and an intercultural perspective. Skapa is carried out in collaboration with civil society, schools, independent groups and other institutions, and gives a voice to people who are not always heard.”

— Extract from a Cultural grant document from Region Västra Götaland to the Board of GöteborgsOperan AB 2021–2024

Creating engaging performing art for and with many different people means allowing space for depth and diversity. For us at Skapa, form and content are interconnected, as are desire and courage. We want to build a sustainable infrastructure between hearts and minds which spans our entire city and region. No one should leave school without having had the chance to meet The Göteborg Opera. That’s why we focus not only on what we want to do, but also on how we want to do it.

We’re curious about you. We want to listen to you because of your unique personal experiences. We want to create universal performing art where you’re not only welcome but also expected. Sometimes we’ll have a stage that you can fill with your voice, your story, your ideas. At other times we’ll have a chair that we hope you’ll come and sit on.

Because we’ve got stories to tell you too. They might be magical fairytales from the past, realistic accounts and spine-tingling reflections on the present day, or innovative visions of the future. We believe in art not only as a valuable leisure activity, but also as a bedrock of a democratic society. We are convinced that art evolves when everyone has a chance to participate.

You are part of Skapas vision: to promote inclusion, artistic development and experiences for everyone. We believe in all people’s right to experience beauty, fragility, struggle, questions, hope, despair, joy and companionship, and that the Göteborg Opera is an arena for all of this.