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Chamber Concerts in Gothenburg

Previously called ”Foyer Concerts”

Göteborg Opera’s singers, musicians and guests perform small concerts from a diverse repertoire.

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    Varies per concert

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    13 Feb — 01 May 2021

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    Digital streaming, gofilm.se

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Göteborg Opera’s singers, musicians and guests perform small concerts from a diverse repertoire.

Under våren 2021 kan du se våra kammarkonserter hemma hos dig, på GOfilm.se. En ny kammarkonsert publiceras (nästan) varje lördag, kl. 12.30. 

Cabaret Songs with Kerstin Avemo

17 April

Soprano Kerstin Avemo and pianist Rut Pergament bring you glowing cabaret songs, Brettl-Lieder, by Arnold Schoenberg, composed with an air of Berlin in the early 1900’s.

Arnold Schönberg (1874–1951) 
Cabaret Songs (Brettl-Lieder)

  • Galathea (Frank Wedekind)  
  • Gigerlette (Otto Julius Bierbaum)  
  • Der genügsame Liebhaber (Hugo Salus)  
  • Einfältiges Lied (Hugo Salus)  
  • Mahnung (Gustav Hochstetter)  
  • Jedem das Seine (Colly)  
  • Seit ich so viele Weiber sah (Emanuel Schikaneder, ur Spiegel von Arcadia) 

Available from Saturday 17 April at 12.30pm on gofilm.se, until 30 April.

Watch the concert here

Twilight of Romanticism  

German composer Max Bruch wrote his Eight pieces for clarinet, viola and piano for his – then 25 years old and a new professional clarinetist – in the twilight of the era of romantic music. The elegant, full-fledged miniatures hold lyric melodies and romantic harmonies. It’s passionate, intimate and romantic.  

Max Bruch (1838–1920)   
Eight pieces for clarinet, viola and piano, op. 83   

Nr. 1, A minor: Andante  
Nr. 2, B minor: Allegro con moto  
Nr. 3, C sharp minor: Andante con moto - Andante - Tempo I - Andante 
Nr. 4, D minor: Allegro agitato  
Nr. 5, F minor, Romanian melody: Andante - Un pocomeno lento - Tempo I 
Nr. 6, G minor, Nocturne: Andante con moto - Un pocomeno lento - Tempo I 
Nr. 7, B major: Allegro vivace, ma non troppo 
Nr. 8, E flat minor: Moderato  


  • Helena Nyman Panofskyclarinet 
  • Emil Jonasson, viola   
  • Henning Ruhe, piano 

The concert lasts 38 minutes.

Live streamed Saturday 10 April at 12:30pm on gofilm.se (Also available after the live stream ends.)

Watch the Chamber Concert here

Tones of Brass 

27 March

Wonderful brass music from three centuries, for brass quintet and trombone quartet. 

Finno-Swedish Bernhard Crusell (1775-1838) was well-known as composer and clarinetist. This arrangement for brass quintet by Michael Lind, is a wonderful chance to discover his musical language. 
Dorothy Gates, Northern Irish composer and trombonist, composed her “Processions fanfare” in 2012 and “Shaken, not Stirred” in 2018.  
American Martin J Nystrom wrote his music to the psalm “As the Deer Pants for Streams of Water” in 1984. This arrangement for trombone quartet was recently made by Tomas Hultén, performing in this Chamber Concert.

Brass quintet

Paul Spjuth, trumpet 
Monika Holst-Olsen, flügelhorn 
Ingrid Bakke Karlstedt, horn  
Louise Pollock, trombone 
Even Evensen, tuba   

Trombone quartet

Louise Pollock 
Adam Samuelsson 
Anders Hellman 
Thomas Hultén 

The concert lasts approx. 25 minutes. 

Live streamed Saturday 27 March at 12:30pm on gofilm.se (Also available after the live streamed event.)

Watch the Chamber Concert here

Mozart’s String Quintet no. 5

20 March

Enjoy this wonderful chamber concert presenting a playful string quintet by Mozart. The opus was composed during the end of Mozart’s life. Despair and joy of life are played out in a resilient dialogue between the instruments. One of the musicians, Magnus Larsson, describes the work as “a miniature opera, where the different parts become characters who converse, quarrel, laugh and cry.” 

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756–1791)   
String Quintet No. 5 in D-major, K. 593 


Magnus Larsson, violin I 
Mattias Johansson, violin II 
Marjukka Myyrä, viola I 
Martin Cederstrand, viola II 
Lars-Erik Persson, cello

Watch the Chamber Concert here

French Elegance

27 Feb

Joyful chamber music that can light up any grey winter’s day is in store for you in this chamber concert, with elegant French music composed for winds and piano.

Composer and concert pianist Jean Françaix was a specialist at composing cheerful, elegant music. Encouraged by none other than Ravel, he wrote more than 200 works. Much of his chamber music is composed for wind instruments. In his own words, his music is like thoughts meandering “like a path through woods”.

Francis Poulenc was one of the members in Les Six, a group of six young composers in France who revolted against Impressionism and German Romanticism. His Sextet for piano and winds is a virtuoso, emotional work – with humor and sorrow, melancholy and satire. It bears the signum of the composer: some parts rhythmic and dissonant, others melodic and languishing.

Five musicians from the wind section are joined on the piano by the Göteborg Opera’s Artistic Director Opera/Drama, Henning Ruhe.

Participating: Sabine Daniels (flute), Geoffrey Cox (oboe), Helena Nyman Panofsky (clarinet), Philip Foster (horn), Sebastian Wagner (bassoon), Henning Ruhe (piano)

Live stream Saturday 27 February at 12.30pm, on gofilm.se.
(Also available after the live streamed event.)

Watch the chamber concert here

First Performance!

20 feb

The GöteborOpera is delighted to present a new piece by Gothenburg based composer Lei Feng Johansson; String Quartet no. 3. Her compositions vary from solo instruments to orchestral works and combine western contemporary music and Chinese traditional folk music. Lei Feng Johansson’s music have been performed in both Asia and Europe.

American-British composer David Bruce’s Cymbeline for mandolin and string quartet is a tribute to the Celtic Lord of the Sun. In this chamber concert, you’ll hear the de first and last movement, symbolizing the sunrise and sunset. The composer himself describes the piece: 

“I see the piece as a contemplation of our relationship with this fiery giver of life, whose significance to us is often overlooked in the modern world, but who still really does rule over us all.” 

Live stream Saturday 20 February at 12.30pm (Also available after the live streamed event, until 31 March.)

Watch the chamber concert here