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En grupp unga människor dansar energetiskt i en dansstudio.
Experience more

Experience contemporary dance

Fun, exciting days with dancers from the company. For anyone aged 13 to 25 years old.

  • Duration

    11.00–15.00 both days

  • Dates

    17 — 18 Feb 2024

  • Stage

    Small Stage

  • Genre

    Experience more

  • Price

    50 kr

  • Recommended age

    13–25 years old

  • Accessibility

Fully booked

Are you curious about contemporary dance? Come to the opera house to try it with dancers from GöteborgsOperans Danskompani and the Göteborg Opera’s young ambassadors.

We’ll test both improvisation and choreography as well as talk with the dancers about their jobs and backgrounds. All participants will also get the opportunity to see the dance performance of Hammer on 18 February, which runs from 18.00 to ca. 20.15.

The sessions will be led be the dancers Endre Schumicky and Angelina Allen, together with Anna Karlander (Coordinator for Skapa Dance) as well as the Göteborg Opera’s Young Ambassadors – a group who are passionate about the performing arts.

During the sessions we will talk in both Swedish and English.

Experience contemporary dance is now fully booked