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Folk dansar i rosa och guld strålkastarljus mot en mörk bakgrund.


Inspiring days for enquiring minds.

  • Length

    Varies. See details below

  • When

    29 Oct 2021 — 17 Apr 2022

  • Where

    Göteborg Opera, Small Stage

  • Genre

  • Language


  • Price range

    Free admission with ticket

  • Accessibility

Ticket release TBC

The Göteborg Opera’s Skapadagar (“Create Days”) are an excellent opportunity for inquisitive minds to discover more about music, singing, opera and dance. Each day is an opportunity to participate and experience, to inspire and be inspired. Skapadagar are held three times each season and include something for all ages.

Skapadagar (“Create Days”) reflect life from various perspectives and are full of possibilities for those seeking to broaden their horizons. Here, you will find song, music, dance, image and theatre, all in the spirit of taking part and experiencing.

Each round of Skapadagar has its own specific performances, as well as recurring activities like Open Stage for all ages and Friday Chill Out that are always included.

We look forward to welcoming you, with or without previous experience!

Autumn Skapadagar

29 October–7 November 2021

As usual, there will be Friday Chill Out, Open Stage for everyone, a visit from Cirkus Unik and plenty of opportunity to socialise. Above all, make sure you don’t miss the show Autumn Night Music!

Friday Chill Out and Open Stage
The Small Stage

A fun evening for everyone aged between 15 and 25 who loves music, dancing and socialising. Bring your instrument along and maybe there will be some jamming! The dance floor is also open. Sing, read poetry, dance, play an instrument! All performances are welcome as Skapadagar opens its doors to an evening where anything can happen.

During autumn’s Skapadagar, we will be combining Friday Chill Out with Open Stage to focus on young performers. For Skapadagar in winter and spring, Friday Chill Out and Open Stage will return to two separate evenings.

Autumn Night Music – a multi-performing-arts show with the Skapa Choir
4–7 November

At last, the time has come for the premiere of the multi-performing-arts show Autumn Night Music! The pandemic has led to an extended creative process prior to the performance, with work conducted both digitally and IRL. The Skapa Choir has written and produced Autumn Night Music together with an external director and in-house composer. Some of the material you will recognise while there is also a great deal of newly created material being brought to life; magic and reality collide and in the midst of the dream we can meet.

The members of the Skapa Choir range in age, speak various languages and have different life experiences – but come together around song to create together. If you would like to join the choir, we will be admitting new members in spring 2022.

Learn more about the Skapa Choir here


Composer and musical director: Per Larsson
Book and lyrics: Emelie Sigelius and the ensemble
Director: Emelie Sigelius
Movement instructor: Hanna Morau

Duration approx. 60 min

En ung sångare står i strålkastarljuset och sjunger.


11–20 Feb