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A lit spotlight stands before a curtain with smoke drifting in the light.


Göteborg Opera’s talk show.

  • When

    13 Dec 2020 — 13 Dec 2021

  • Where

    Streamed digitally, gofilm.se

  • Genre

  • Subtitles

    Subtitles in Swedish

  • Price range

    Free to watch

  • Accessibility

Watch Spotlight here

Current themes, knowledgeable guests, and music. Our talk show puts the spotlight on the thoughts and phenomena we experience here and now. On and off stage.

Led by opera singer and host Åke Zetterström, invited guests specialized on the current theme and the Göteborg Opera’s artists – singers, musicians and dancers – gather to share their thoughts. Musical performances in each episode.  

Learn more about each episode below, and watch Spotlight at GOfilm.se


Episode 2

New year, new possibilities!

Let’s hope so. The second episode of Spotlightexplores new beginnings, dreams and goals – and how to make them come true.

World artist Ane Brun, comedian and journalist Ina Lundström, life coach Tomas Enhager and opera soloist Carolina Sandgren sort out the concepts and dream together with our host, opera soloist Åke Zetterström.

The episode also includes a Tosca aria performed by Carolina Sandgren, a new “Bucket List Song” with opera soloists Ann-Kristin Jones and Mia Karlsson, and a glimpse of the highly anticipated world premiere 12 songs<, with GöteborgsOperans Danskompani.

Presented in Swedish.
Episode 2 will be available 16 February – 31 March

Watch episode 2 here

Episode 2, teaser

Åke och Carolina pratar

In photo:  Åke Zetterström, Carolina Sandgren|Photographer:  Mikael Wallander

A lit spotlight showing theatrical smoke in the air against a background of dark curtains

Episode 1

Anticipation and longing