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Successful partnerships

Swedbank is an ambassador for our work with children and adolescents, establishing a sustained improvements by partnering with our team that works with children and adolescents, contributing to help adolescents to find their place within the performing arts and music.

Thanks to the support of Swedbank, we can create more digital content to reach more adolescents with our art forms, on both a regional and national level.

Together with Save the Children we have met with children and adolescents to introduce them to our organisation. Thanks to Swedbank we can also invite the curious to discover the performing arts here at the opera house. In February a group was invited to watch the dance production Here not here. This kind of contribution will have a life-long impact on some adolescents.

Our department – called Skapa, which means “create” in Swedish – works with everything to do with children, adolescents, and families, by using co-creation and participation. We work with accessibility on all levels, we develop the art form and prepare a place for voices that are seldom heard. We also travel outside of the building itself to visit people in environments they are comfortable with, who may not think that the house is something for them.

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More success stories

For the musical Kristina från Duvemåla (2014), the bearing and seal-manufacturing company SKF helped create the illusion of a field of wheat by providing the actuator which caused 5000 stalks of wheat (in reality, thin bamboo stems made to look like wheat), to simultaneously rise from a rubber mat, formed to look like a ploughed field.