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Jonas Nydesjö


Jonas Nydesjo

 Jonas Nydesjö studied composition and arrangement at the Malmö Academy of Music and conducting under Neil Thomson. Jonas’ field spans musicals, cross-genre concerts, dance performances, recording sessions and works for children and young people all over Sweden. Among other things, he has conducted The Threepenny Opera at Folkoperan, dance performances and musicals at the Malmö Opera, including The Feeling of GoingSingin' in the Rain and the Bob Hund Opera, and concerts by the majority of Sweden’s orchestras. With Ola Salo, Jonas co-wrote the rock opera Kult for Sveriges Radio. Over the years, he has worked with artists such as Annika Norlin, Ola Salo, Bob Hund, Håkan Hellström, Mikael Wiehe, Nina Persson, Linnea Henriksson, Lisa Miskovsky, Jakob Hellman, Moto Boy, Tingsek, Rigmor Gustafsson, Refused, Good Harvest and many more. 

 Kärlek skonar ingen (Love Spares No One) is Jonas’ first engagement at The Göteborg Opera.