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The Göteborg Opera's mission is to create performing arts of high international quality that touch the lives and hearts of many people.

In hesitant times after the roller-coaster of the pandemic years, we will again fill the opera house by the Göta River with audiences coming to see performances crafted to bring joy, insight, reflection and new discoveries. We will continue to bring you together to laugh and cry, to be enriched, horrified, or seduced by the classical and contemporary performances on our stages. Here in Gothenburg, at our touring venues in Västra Götaland and on our international tours.

Art is the dimension of both the individual and the collective from which empathy and insight emanate. Art can both help us understand reality and sometimes, to escape from it. To know which approach to take – and when – requires commitment, knowledge and respect. And most important of all, a democratic process.

So now we again look forward to seeing you here in our auditoriums, glowing with good-will, for a season of scintillating, thought-provoking performances. Art only comes to life when it is experienced by you, our audience.


— Christina Björklund, CEO