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Creation by Carl Olof Berg, Mariam Wallentin and Maja Gunn

A space-bound dance performance for children aged 8+

  • Length

    Approx. 35 mins, no intermission

  • When

    29 Aug 2022 — 30 May 2023

  • Where

    On tour in Västra Götaland

  • Genre


  • Price


  • Recommended age

    8 and over

  • Accessibility

Revival premiere for Astronaut, a vertiginous dance work for children 8+ and their adults. Join us in the test lab to prepare your body for space journeys and walks on the moon!

Many of us dream of travelling into space and discovering things from a new perspective. What does it really take for the human body to withstand a journey into the universe? Astronaut takes us on a trip to outer space and back again.

Choreographer Carl Olof Berg explains:

“This work focuses on the demanding physical and mental tests that 13 female pilots took part in during the 1960s space race in the United States, which were aimed at identifying who was most physically suited to work as an astronaut. Even though the women outperformed the men in some of the tests, it was still the men who got to go to the moon.”

Astronaut is also inspired by NASA’s plans to put humans back on the moon in a few years, perhaps with Swedish-American Jessica Meir on board. The audience gets to follow the three dancers through challenging tests, vertiginous walks on the moon and the outlandish experience of returning to the Earth’s gravity. We look back in history and ahead at the possibilities of the future and astronauts’ dreams.

Carl Olof Berg has long been creating exciting experiences in classrooms, private homes, changing rooms and on dance stages. The original score is composed by Mariam Wallentin from Wildbirds & Peacedrums, while the costume design is the work of Maja Gunn, professor in design and craft at HDK Valand.

Please note: there ar two short sequences featuring strobe lighting during the performance of Astronaut

Tour calendar

Public performances

Torsdag den 8 september kl 18.00
Plats: Lorry, Gamla torget 43, Mölndal
Fri entré. Kom i tid för att säkra din plats.
Arrangör: Kulturgarantin genom Kultur- och fritidsförvaltningen, Mölndals stad

12 november kl. 13.00 och 15.00
Valhall, Skövde Kulturhus
Tickets: via länken ovan alternativt Skövde Kulturhus tel. 0500-49 80 99,
Skövde Turistcenter tel. 0500-44 66 88.

19 november kl. 11 och 13
Tickets: Information kommer inom kort.

4 februari kl. 11.30
Lyckeskolans scen och salong
Tickets: Information kommer inom kort.


School performances

Mölndal 29 augusti–9 september
Arrangör: Kulturgarantin genom Kultur- och fritidsförvaltningen, Mölndals stad

Karlsborg 13–14 september
Arrangör: Kultur- och fritidsförvaltningen, Karlsborgs kommun

Skövde 10–11 november
Arrangör: GöteborgsOperan

Stenungsund 15–24 november
Arrangör: Kultur & Fritid, Stenungsunds kommun

Lerum 26–27 januari

Kinna 31 januari–2 februari
Arrangör: Kultur- och fritidsförvaltningen. Marks kommun

Vara 9–12 maj

Göteborg 15–26 maj


Photos from the performance

In photo:  Angelina Allen, Rachel McNamee, Duncan C Schultz|Photographer:  Tilo Stengel


Watch some rehearsal and hear choreographer Carl Olof Berg talk about the show.