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Musical in two acts with music by John Kander (born 1927). Lyrics by Fred Ebb. Script Joe Masteroff, based on a play by John van Druten and stories by Christopher Isherwood. Swedish translation by Rikard Bergqvist.

When darkness falls, it’s our time to shine.

  • Length

    Approx. 3 hours, incl. interval

  • Where

    Main Stage

  • Genre


  • Language

    Swedish, with titles in Swedish and English.

  • Price

    150–850 kr

  • Accessibility

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Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome – to Berlin 1930! Spectacular show numbers, famous music and a gripping story. Night club star Sally Bowles and her troupe welcome you to one of the season’s most powerful experiences.

Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome! Welcome to 1930s Berlin!

Anyone bold enough to step into the Kit Kat Klub will never want to leave. There’s a place there for everyone. Under the watchful eye of the compere, the nightclub is a free haven where no fantasies are out of bounds.

The musical’s plot revolves around Sally Bowles, the nightclub’s star performer, and Clifford Bradshaw, a young American aspiring writer who finds himself drawn into the nightclub’s seamy world. Everything seems possible and nothing is forbidden. But happiness is short-lived. Nazism is gaining force. The days of freedom are numbered.

Cabaret is a musical filled with flair, sensuality, darkness and despair. The Göteborg Opera’s new production pays homage to the era when the original story is set: Berlin during the fragile democracy around 1930. Spectacular show numbers and captivating music merge with a political tale of poignant human destinies in a colourful, sleepless city where the show must always go on.

Cabaret had its first performance on Broadway, New York in 1966 and is one of the world’s most performed musicals.

There are a limited number of seats for audience members on the stage. We expect these seats to be snapped up very quickly.

Originally produced and directed for the New York stage by Harold Prince. Theatre publisher: Nordiska ApS – Copenhagen.


Recorded in 2020

Would you like to sit on stage?

If you purchase a ticket to the musical Cabaret, you are guaranteed a very special experience. You’ll find your seat at one of the tables at Kit Kat Klub; the Berlin night club where drama will evolve. You’ll get to experience this grand musical performance from a new angle, as close as possible to the centre of the action.

The following rules apply for purchase of a stage ticket:

  • You must be at least 13 years old to occupy one of the seats on stage.
  • You will be part of the performance. Note that your movements will be visible from the auditorium.
  • For safety reasons, it is forbidden to stand up or leave your seat. (An attendant will, however, be available on stage. The attendant will assist you if, for some reason, you need to immediately leave your seat.)
  • You must arrive well in advance of the performance. If you bring a coat or bag with you, you must leave it in the coat check area. If you need to, be sure to visit the toilets. You are required to be at the meeting point in the foyer 15 minutes before the start of the performance.
  • Smaller handbags, wallets and turned-off mobile phones will be permitted on stage. The items must be tucked away or placed on your chair. (Of course, it is forbidden to bring any food or drinks with you on stage.)
  • For evacuation and safety reasons, we cannot offer stage seats to individuals who are severely visually impaired, or who use crutches, a wheelchair, walker or similar devices.
  • If you purchase a stage ticket, you will receive additional information and instructions from us a few days prior to the performance.

Questions? Contact us at biljetter@opera.se or +46 31 131 300.

Welcome to a unique experience!

Curious about Cabaret?

Curious about Cabaret?

Rehearsal video (2020)
Panel discussion

Bilder ur föreställningen

In photo:  Kerstin Hilldén|Photographer:  Lennart Sjöberg

ConferencierDavid Lundqvist
Sally BowlesKerstin Hilldén
Clifford BradshawTobias Ahlsell
Fräulein SchneiderSiw Erixon
Herr SchultzLars Hjertner
Ernst LudwigAnders Wängdahl


Johanna Abenius, Malick Afocozi, Lisa Agby, James von Bagh, Mirja Burlin (cover Fräulein Schneider), Jesper Blomberg, Julia Carlström, Simon Drangnér (cover Ernst Ludwig), Agnes Duvander, Karolina Engelbrektsson, Timothy Garnham , Mike Gamble, Isac Hellman, Zorka Hunjak, Natasja Jean-Charles, Micaela Sjöstedt (cover Konferencier), Åsa Sjöblom (cover Sally Bowles), Lina Svahn Larsson, Magnus Lundgren (cover Clifford Bradshaw), Johan Rudebeck (cover Herr Schultz), Rudina Hatipi (cover Fräulein Kost), Robert Sillberg, Bo Westerholm, Ingahlill Wagelin, Sami Yousri, Albin Yttergren

Musicians (on stage)

Ella Wennerberg, Frida Thurfjell, Malin Almgren, Viktor Stener, Paulina Moberg, Malin Wättring, Julia Schabbauer

Children’s Choir

Göteborg Opera Orchestra

Performance calendar

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