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Tinsel and Tumult

Idea, script and music selection Evelyn Jons

Christmas musical for the family.

  • Duration

    1 h 15 min, no interval

  • Dates

    14 — 22 Dec 2022

  • Stage

    Main Stage

  • Genre


  • Language

    Swedish, with English and Swedish titles

  • Price

    150–450 kr

  • Recommended age

    7 and over

  • Accessibility

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One of the final rehearsals is underway on the opera house’s main stage for this year’s Christmas show. Expectations are high. The director rushes around while the prima donna and Santa Claus compete for the limelight. But something goes terribly wrong and the premiere’s success is suddenly jeopardised. How will it turn out?

What magic powers are at work backstage? Can the plucky ensemble save the Christmas show before it’s too late?

Tinsel and Tumult is a family musical. Accompanied by new arrangements of classic Christmas tunes, a musical adventure unfolds with joy and seriousness in equal measures.

The Göteborg Opera soloists, chorus, children’s chorus and orchestra throng the stage, all conducted by Lars Kvensler. The director is Mattias Palm.


Recorded in 2021

Photos from the performance

In photo:  Åke Zetterström, Marcus Liljedahl, GöteborgsOperans Barnkör, GöteborgsOperans Ungdomskör|Photographer:  Lennart Sjöberg

Claude TeatraleLars Hjertner
Beate Bella BravuraCarolina Sandgren
Fredrik PolyetenSami Yousri
Ellen OsynligIngahlill Wagelin
Vera SorgmodMicaela Sjöstedt
Julia SorgmodJulia Carlström