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Recreate the Ministry

Maria Fräki, Hanna Morau and the project participants, in collaboration with Therese Fredriksson from GöteborgsOperans Danskompani

A new dance creation, made by, with and for young people

  • Length

    30 minutes no interval

  • When

    08 Aug 2021

  • Where

    The Black Box, Kulturskolan in Angered, Högaffelsgatan 12

  • Genre


  • Language


  • Price

    Free with booked ticket

  • Recommended age

    12 years and up

  • Accessibility

A group of young people will create a new work of performing art in collaboration with artists and staff from the Göteborg Opera.

Recreate the Ministry is the result of an intensive multi-day workshop where young people aged 13–21 from all over the region dance and create. Together with professional artists, the participants create a new work based on themes from choreographer Jo Strømgren’s humorous dance work The Ministry of Unresolved Feelings. It is an opportunity to explore existential thoughts about identity and life in general. In addition to musical theatre and dance, the young participants have been working with sound, lighting and stagecraft together with the Göteborg Opera’s staff.

The participants have taken part in several workshops during the year, and after an intensive week in August, two performances will be given on the Cultural school Angered.

About Recreate

A new Recreate project takes place every year with a new group of young people, each time focusing on a new theme. The work starts from scratch and the participants decide what the piece should sound and look like. The participants get to experience the work at the Göteborg Opera close up, both onstage and behind the scenes, by creating art together and working with artistic material on their own terms.


2 performances on 8 August 2021: 4:00pm and 6:00pm.


Maria Fräki, Hanna Morau, Therese Fredriksson, Ani Hult, Matilda Cedergren, Stina Jandering, Elsa Egnell, Cherrie Svensson, Zahraa Aldoujaili, Majken Martinsson, Lovisa Numanelli