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The Ministry of Unresolved Feelings

Creation by Jo Strømgren. A co-production between Jo Strømgren Kompani and GöteborgsOperans Danskompani

A humorous dance production for teenagers and everyone who has ever been one.

  • Length

    55 minutes, no intermission.

  • When

    16 — 17 Nov 2021

  • Where

    On tour in Västra Götaland

  • Genre


  • Language


  • Price

    SEK 195

  • Recommended age

    Made for teenagers, but open to all!

  • Accessibility

Who do you turn to if you’re only able to cry when it’s not appropriate, you get angry with dustbins, or if bread gives you panic attacks? Where else but to The Ministry of Unresolved Feelings? A revival of our hit show, written for teenagers and young adults but acclaimed by people of all ages.

‘Full of breathtaking surprises’
‘Seriously fun and wacky’
Borås Tidning

The Ministry of Unresolved Feelings has scarce resources but an important mission. Its caseworkers are tasked with solving problems that no other authorities can remedy – through dance. Despite the growing backlog of paperwork, a surprisingly large number of people have their cases assessed.

A delicious mix of absurd humour and poignant gravity is the hallmark of Norwegian choreographer Jo Strømgren. One moment you hardly dare look – and the next you’re doubled over laughing. Jo created this humorous and sad piece for GöteborgsOperans Danskompani in 2019.

Jo Strømgren’s previous creations for GöteborgsOperans Danskompani are Herzschmerz (2009), The Outskirts (2011), and The Fort, which saw its world premiere in 2020 as part of the dance double Out of Time cancelled because of the pandemic.

In collaboration with Jo Strømgren Kompani.

The Ministry of Unresolved Feelings, trailer

Photos from the performance

Verk av Jo Strømgren

In photo:  Benjamin Behrends, Jesse Bechard, Satoko Takahashi, Janine Koertge, Andrzej Glosniak, Rachel McNamee|Photographer:  Tilo Stengel