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Skapa Days

Inspiring days for everyone.

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    09 Feb — 07 Apr 2024

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    Small Stage

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The Göteborg Opera’s Skapa Days are a great opportunity for those with an enquiring mind to find out more about singing, music, dance, visual art, theatre and other art forms. There are activities for all ages.

The programme for Skapa Days is based on the current season’s repertoire, and relevant themes.


Winter: 9–18 Feb 2024

Theme: Love, identity, gender roles

Together we’ll take inspiration from both Mozart’s opera Don Giovanni and the childrens’ opera Sandvargen in an exciting project based around identity, love, gender roles and the infinite nature of the universe.

Spring: 2–7 April 2024

Theme: Wicked

Inspired by this season’s big musical Wicked by Stephen Schwartz and Winnie Holzman, we will explore supernatural stories around witches and wizards, such as the classic question about how to tell which of them are good, and which are evil?

A Relaxed performance and an Återskapa project will be a part of spring’s Skapa Days, both of them inspired by the musical Wicked and The Wizard of Oz film. Watch this space for more details as spring approaches.

Previous Skapa Days

Autumn: 29 Oct – 5 Nov 2023
An odyssey through the world of opera

Hur kan jag säga? 29 October
A concert with the Göteborg Opera Skapa Choir – our choir for anyone over 18 who wants to sing and act together in a group.

Alice in Wonderland – The Tea Party
3 November, 11.00, 13.00 & 15.00

5 November, 11.00, 13.00 & 15.00

A new short opera by Christofer Elgh. Created in collaboration with a group of young people.

Walk together with Alice through the scenes of the opera, where the borders of the real world become hazy and we are drawn into Wonderland. ”To dare to be Alice” in a time where many feel stressed from the pressure to fit in and ”be normal” is just one of the many lessons we can draw from Lewis Carroll’s surreal classic. Length: 40 mins

Återskapa: Alice in Wonderland – The Tea Party, Workshop
Workshop for participants aged 9–12: 10.00–11.45, 31 Oct

Workshop for participants aged 13–16: 12.00–13.45, 31 Oct

In this workshop we will listen, discuss and create, taking inspiration from Alice in Wonderland - The Tea Party. We will discuss about how Alice, the Hatter and other characters from Alice in Wonderland relate to time in different ways. What tricks do we use ourselves to relate to time and be punctual? We also talk about how language, pulse, time, text and rhythm work together – in our lives and in music. Together we’ll collect sounds from different places, times and spaces to discover how they interact when made into music. Workshop participants will also watch a rehearsal.