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Rakel and the Oracle

Mini-musical by Per Larsson and Anders Wängdahl.

A thought-provoking musical adventure for children from 6 to 8 years old.

  • Length

    35 mins, no intermission

  • When

    22 Aug — 05 Sep 2021

  • Where

  • Genre


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  • Price

    Free to watch

  • Recommended age

    From 6 years old

  • Accessibility

Having a best friend is the best thing ever. But what happens when a friendship falters? How can it be put right?

Viktor is sad and Rakel knows it’s her fault. What can she do? Rakel can’t figure it out. So, she decides to seek advice from the one who always knows: the Oracle. The road is winding and the journey is long. How will it go for Rakel? And what answers will the Oracle provide?

Rakel and the Oracle is a mini musical that intertwines clever humour with great seriousness. It was a resounding success when first performed in 2019. Supported by the magic of the stage, the audience joins Rakel and her anxious teddy bear Pentti on a fantasy journey that provides food for thought for people of all ages.

Images from the performance

In photo:  Hanna Brehmer, Anders Wängdahl, Frida Rolfsdotter Thurfjell|Photographer:  Tilo Stengel

Rakel says hi! (in Swedish)

For schools

Rakel and the Oracle can be booked as a school performance.

The Göteborg Opera is part of the Västra Götaland region and works according to the regional recommendations and guidelines in relation to minimising the spread of covid-19. The project will of course be conducted according the applicable guidelines for each different occasion and locale, and we will be sensitive to the needs of each school. If restrictions remain throughout 2021/2022 we will offer schools Rakel and the Oracle as a film instead of a live performance. The class can then see the film together with a drama teacher from the Göteborg Opera, and after the show we'll conduct a fun workshop about friendship, betrayal and forgiveness, which can be adapted to the class size and age-group.