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Emilie Leriche

Dancer (on leave)

En svartvit porträttfoto av en kvinna som sitter framför en mörk bakgrundsfond. Hon tittar in i objektivet.

Emilie Leriche, dancer, comes from the US: She started her career with Hubbard Street 2 in 2011, and was promoted to the main company of Hubbard Street Dance Chicago in 2013. She has performed project-based work for Maurya Kerr’s tinypistol, and Robyn Mineko William’s Undercover Episodes. Emilie Leriche joined GöteborgsOperans Danskompani in 2017.

Emilie Leriche has been involved in for example: 

  • 3D International
  • Hurricane
  • Autodance
  • Solo Echo
  • Love
  • The Ministry of Unresolved Feelings
  • Sacre
  • Valley
  • Skid

Close-up: Emilie Leriche