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“The Göteborg Opera is a fantastic institution that inspires not only thought and emotion, but makes a difference – for society, its audience and its employees.” Christina Björklund, CEO.

CEO/Managing director

Christina Björklund

CEO/Managing director

Artistic directors

Henning Ruhe

Artistic Director, Opera/drama

Katrín Hall

Artistic Director, GöteborgsOperans Danskompani

Management group

Lena Ahl

CFO/ Deputy CEO

Liselott Berg

Administrative manager, dance


Benjamin Dørum

Technical Director

Jessica Fjelkegård

Planning and process manager

Håkan Jönsson

Facility Management department manager

Ing-Marie Persmo

Manager, Marketing and sales

Lena Vedin Almung

Administrative manager, Opera/drama

Mats Andersson

Strategy manager

Jan Bratt

Company lawyer/Contract negotiations manager

Per Herrey

Company lawyer

Maria Knall

Assistant to the CEO

Strategic management group

The strategic management team works with long term strategies and goals based on our mandate, and consists of:

  • Christina Björklund, CEO
  • Henning Ruhe, Artistic Director Opera/Drama
  • Katrín Hall, Artistic Director Dance
  • Lena Ahl, CFO/Deputy CEO
  • Mats Andersson, Strategy director
  • Liselott Berg, Administrative manager Dance
  • Benjamin Dørum, Technical Director
  • Jessica Fjelkegård, Planning and process manager
  • Viveka Fonsmark, HR manager
  • Håkan Jönsson, Facility Management manager
  • Anders Ottosson, Vice Manager Opera/Drama
  • Ing-Marie Persmo, Marketing manager
  • Lena Vedin Almung, Administrative manager Opera/Drama
  • and Maria Knall, assistant to the CEO

Board of directors


Maria Brauer (S)

Vice chair

Johnny Magnusson (M)


Valéria Kant (KD)
AnnaSara Perslow (C)
Anna Silvén (SD)
Olof Svensson (S)
Emil Wingstrand (V)
Helene Odenjung (L)
Harriet Ljungdahl (MP)