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Kärlek skonar ingen

Musical in two acts by Victoria Brattström, Simon Ljungman, Håkan Hellström and Mirja Unge.

A musical based on the much-loved songs of Håkan Hellström.

  • Duration

    Approx 3 hrs including 1 interval

  • Dates

    09 Oct 2021 — 08 May 2022

  • Stage

    Göteborg Opera, Main Stage

  • Genre


  • Language

    Swedish. Surtitles in Swedish and English.

  • Price

    SEK 150–895

  • Accessibility

In autumn 2021, we finally welcome the world premiere of Kärlek skonar ingen (“Love Spares No One”), a musical based on the much-loved songs of Håkan Hellström. A poetic and grimy dreamscape, set in places that Håkan Hellström has indelibly marked on the Gothenburg map.

Kärlek skonar ingen treats us to a magical 24 hours in a city that could be Gothenburg, where we meet unique imaginary characters inspired by Håkan Hellström’s musical world. Hope and despair swirl in a musical tornado where love, betrayal and death coexist with the joy of existing for another day.

The city that could be Gothenburg wakes up. A carnival band appears on Drömmarnas kaj. As dawn breaks, city dwellers sing about their lives. About how it feels to be weighed down with fatigue, but to see the stars more clearly. About being there for each other through the hard times, the joy of really caring for each other, and the tumultuous power of love. A power that helps you see each other and life in a different light.

Kärlek skonar ingen is a newly composed musical featuring music based on songs from Håkan Hellström’s 20-year musical narrative – as well as new music specially composed for the musical. During 24 hours – from dawn to dawn – people’s lives intertwine with each other. Some meet again after many years. Others meet for the first time. We visit Drömmarnas kaj, Röda sten, Azalea, the bridges over Göta älv – as the harbour cranes awaken in Gothenburg.

The cast includes many well-known names who have made their mark in films and on Sweden’s leading stages. The Göteborg Opera Chorus and Orchestra also take part, along with guest musicians and a live rock band.


Concept: Victoria Brattström, Simon Ljungman, Håkan Hellström
Music: Håkan Hellström, Björn Olsson
Lyrics: Håkan Hellström
Dialogue: Mirja Unge
Story: Mirja Unge, Victoria Brattström
Script development: Eva-Maria Dahlin
Musical adaptation, vocal arrangements: Simon Ljungman
Orchestral arrangements: Simon Ljungman, Jonas Nydesjö
Orchestration: Jonas Nydesjö




Michalis Koutsogiannakis 


Sofia Pekkari


Kristina Issa


Vilhelm Blomgren


Nina Zanjani

Farsan (cover Allan 13/10, 16/4)

Lars Väringer


Lisette T. Pagler


Jacob Andréas (cover GLENN 1: 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 10/4), Julia Carlström, Markus Christensen (cover TOMMY 21/11, 25/2, 23/3, 9, 10, 27/4), Matilda Karlsson, Bobbi Lindahl (cover GLENN 2 20/11), Magnus Lundgren (cover KARL-JOHAN 28/12, 30/12), Charlotte Mannerstråle (cover FERNANDO 31/10, 4/3), Karin Mårtenson Ghods (cover EVA 26/11, 10, 11, 12/3, 22, 29, 30/4), Nina Norblad (cover MARIA 6/11, 20/3), Simon Oskarsson, Lovisa Svensson (cover ANNA), Anna Werner (cover LENA), Sami Yousri (cover FARSAN 16/4 och GLENN 3 3/4, 6/4), Joel Zerpe (cover FARSAN 13/11), Sara Östberg Diakité (cover AMIRA 12/11, 3/4)


Jimmy Andersson, Tommy Franzén, Jess Khan-Lee, Anna Netterlid

On-stage band

Finn Björnulfson, Daniel Lindén, Simon Ljungman, Tobias Ljungman, Nils Sundberg, Helena Winkler, Jakob Albinsson (cover), Julia Falthin (cover), Viktor Stener (cover), Per Svenner (cover), Pär Öjerot (cover)

The Göteborg Opera Chorus

The Göteborg Opera Orchestra

Photos from the show

The production of Kärlek skonar ingen has been made possible by a donation from Sten A Olssons Foundation for Research and Culture.

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