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In our performance programmes you can read the director’s or chroeographer’s thoughts about the performance you are about to see, let the conductor guide you through the music, get an insight into what goes on behind the scenes, and understand the theme behind the production.

Where can I buy a programme?

Programmes are available to buy in our cafés and cloakrooms, and cost between 40–70 kronor, depending on the genre. 


Tidningen Birgit

Tidningen Birgit is our audience magazine. It is named after our godmother the Swedsih opera star Birgit Nilsson. It is has 3 editions per year, is free, and you can pick it up in our foyer.

Tidningen Birgit describes life behind the scenes, with features like: What does a stage manager do? How do we get people to fly on stage? And how are we able to go on tour with 4 tonnes of clay? You can also read interviews with our artists, take a peek into our costume-, props- and make-up departments and meet the people who work behind the scenes so that everything runs smoothly onstage, night after night.


What would you like to read in Tidningen Birgit? What are you curious about? Drop us a line! It would be great to hear what you think about the magazine. Send your thoughts to tidningenbirgit@opera.se

You can also read current and past editions of Tidningen Birgit online here.