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An understanding of people’s equal value and rights, along with respect for each individual, is a prerequisite for a successful organisation and a good work environment. Everyone with equal skills must have the same opportunities for employment and the same opportunities to influence their work. We actively work to identify, prevent and address risks, undesirable effects and behaviours linked to deficient respect for human rights at all levels. We follow Region Västra Götaland’s guidelines when carrying out procurements. The terms and conditions of our contracts include the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN’s Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Accessibility at all levels

Our outreach department Skapa brings together many of our activities regarding children and youth, family, co-creation andparticipation. Skapa (which means "Create") is focused on accessibility at all levels. Through their activities, we develop art forms and make room for voices that are rarely heard. Another purpose of Skapa is to connect with people who believe that the opera is not for them.

For companies: What we can achieve together

The arts have always played a central part in human culture. Our mandate is to make arts available to all inhabitants of Region Västra Götaland. With mutually beneficial business partnerships we will be able reach even further. By working together, we become stronger, and can have a meaningful impact for even more people. Read more here about our partnerships and how you can make a difference.

Our engagement partners focused on social sustainability:

Our collaboration with Save the Children

The Göteborg Opera’s collaboration with Save the Children gives more people opportunities to access culture, and to take part in and influence our activities. The Convention on the Rights of the Child, which is now enshrined in Swedish law, states that all children have the right to culture. We help provide access to the performing arts for the groups that Save the Children already reaches. When more voices are heard, the performing arts can be made even better – which is why our collaboration with Save the Children collaboration plays an important role.

In just one of many collaborative initiatives with Save the Children, a reference group of young parents with children of preschool age took part in the children’s opera Sandvargen, based on Åsa Lind’s popular children’s books.

Skarpt läge

Together with our main sponsor, the Port of Gothenburg, we have opened the doors to Skarpt Läge, a job fair for young people aged 16 to 30, where the Port of Gothenburg is a partner. Through our own partnership with the Port of Gothenburg, we can provide an excellent venue for these important meetings. A win-win collaboration!

Adult Education and Culture in Collaboration

A collaboration between folk high schools and cultural institutions in Region Västra Götaland and the City of Gothenburg, this network includes leading artistic institutions such as the Göteborg Opera, Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, Angered Theatre, Folkteatern, the Cultural Development Administration, and the Röda Sten art centre. The aim of this initiative is to enable as many folk high school students as possible to visit the Göteborg Opera, and to deepen our collaboration with schools that are have a particular interest in this area.

We have a long-term mentorship scheme for students on the two-year master’s programme at the Academy of Music and Drama (HSM) at the University of Gothenburg. The aim is to offer students insight into The activities of The Göteborg Opera and the work of our soloists, as well as other knowledge relevant to their training.

We collaborate with all three musical theatre programmes in Gothenburg: at HSM, the Ballet Academy and the Performing Arts School. We follow the students their training and discuss the programme’s content and results. For musical theatre productions, The Göteborg Opera networks on an ongoing basis with other producers in Sweden, including private producers as well as institutions.

Current projects

We are always looking to broaden our audience. Want to help? Let someone know about Culture hero tickets and our Opera in schools project, or just invite someone along who has never been to the opera house before!

Do you work at a company with potential solutions which could help? Contact Eva Essvik, Manager for Business, Partnership and Digital innovation: eva.essvik@opera.se