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Our props and sets need to tick many boxes: they need to be manageable by stage managers and set technicians, safe for our artists, be able to be disassembled to pack for transport during tours or for storage between stage runs, and be able to be recycled when the show has had its last performance ever.

Work for a new production begins in our construction department where our engineers calculate the weight-bearing structures behind the set facades, by using the set designer's models and with help of modelling tools like 3D-CAD.

These blueprints go to the metalworkers who make frames and other components from steel and aluminium.

Our carpenters then take over and clad the frames with facades of wood and different plastics.

Then it's time for our set painters to capture the set-designer's vision in reality. In the painting studio we also make large backdrops and make sculptures for use on stage.

Our fabric decorators sew everything you see on the stage which isn't a costume – gauzes, backdrops and floor mats, as well as furniture upholstery.

Our props department make or purchase all props and special effects which are needed for a production. Props makers create in our workshops and props masters work in the wings, and take care of props during rehearsals and performances.

Workshops management

Victoria Wallenberg

Manager Workshops, construction and props


Frederic Johansson

Technical production manager


Hannes Hansson


Per-Åke Svensson


Set painters

Matz Engdahl

Apprentice set painter

Richard Bruce

Set painter

Maja Droetto

Set Painter

Mona Lang

Set and décor painter

Ylva Thorén

Set and décor painter


Lotti Almqvist

Attributes and props

Anna La Carrubba

Attributes and props

Roman Lindqvist

Special effects

Elinor Olsson

Attributes and props

Jonna Pedevilla

Attributes and props

Axel Boberg Ragnerstam

Attributes and props

Johan Wejstål

Attributes and props


Roger Antfolk


Thomas Antfolk


Johan Wikström