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Relaxed Performances

For those who prefer a bit more freedom.

  • Duration

    Varies between performances

  • Stage

    The Small Stage

  • Genre

    Experience more

  • Price

    50 kr

  • Recommended age

    All ages

  • Accessibility

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A relaxed performance is a type of performance specially adapted for audiences who want slightly more freedom than other performances offer.

Relaxed performances have an informal atmosphere, and the audience is free to move around, dance, sing or just listen. The doors remain open during the performance, so it is easy to enter and leave. Everyone is welcome, no matter your age or abilities.

Small Stage
You access the Small Stage by our main entrance and foyer, just as for Main Stage performances. The Small Stage is to the left of the Opera Shop. Ask one of our staff and they will be happy to guide you.

A relaxed performance has adaptations for those of you with disabilities:

  • You can prepare your visit with the accessibility information on this website
  • Doors out to the foyer are left open
  • The sound and lighting is adjusted
  • We provide a spoken description of the performance to help audience members with visual impairment to understand what is happening on stage
  • Adapted public areas
  • Parts of the performance are interactive for audience members who wish to take part

If you have any questions regarding physical accessibility in the opera house and in regards to attending performances, you can read more here - or contact us on tel. 031-13 13 00.


Inspired by Mozart's opera Don Giovanni.
10 February, 11.00 & 13.00

The opera Don Giovanni, by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, is about Don Giovanni – a man who seduces many women and is willing to fight and kill to get what he wants. He loves all women and does everything to seduce them with his charm. He succeeded in seducing 2,065 women in his lifetime.

When the opera Don Giovanni is staged, we usually hear Don Giovanni's story, but it is also very important tell the stories of those who have been victimised. Therefore, this relaxed performance focuses on a woman named Zerlina and her experiences of what happened when she met Don Giovanni.

Recommended age: from 8 years old.
Length: ca 35 minutes


Zerlina Mia Karlsson
Leporello Kristian Lindroos
Don Giovanni Hannes Öberg
Narrator Ingahlill Wagelin
Piano Karin Holm
Concept and direction Hanna Brehmer, Wolfgang Veith and David Oest


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What is a relaxed performance?

With Hanna Brehmer. In Swedish.