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The association is a non-profit, independent association that works to spread knowledge about the activities at the Göteborg Opera Skövdescenen.

The association organizes lunch theatre, themed and entertainment evenings, lectures and meetings related to the Göteborg Opera’s productions on the Skövde stage. Teatervännerna in Skaraborg also arranges theatre trips.

Do you want to become a member of the association?

The annual membership fee is SEK 100 per person.

Deposit your membership fee into Bankgiro: 5005-4006
Don’t forget to state your name and address!

For more information, call tel. 070-300 59 47 or www.teatervannerna.se 


Teatervännerna in Skaraborg
GöteborgsOperans Skövdescen
Eric Ugglas plats
541 50 Skövde


070-300 59 47
0500-44 34 19