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The project and planning manager is responsible for the long-term planning and resource management, and works in close collaboration with the planning assistant who is also responsible for our online planning system. Each stage production at the Göteborg Opera is assigned a project manager, who is responsible for budgeting, planning, health and safety, and reports directly to our CEO. We also have project assistants who support the project managers in administration.

Lena Ahl

CFO/ Deputy CEO

Project managers

Stina Berggren

Project manager

Mikael Berggren

Project Manager

Anna Cederberg

Project Manager

Anna Hallgren

Project Manager

Daniel Isakson

Project Manager

Eva Lindberg

Project Manager

Kristoffer Pålman

Project administrator

Johan Tengelin

Project Manager

Martina Tengmark

Project co-ordinator

Katarina Quist

Planning coordinator